In recent years, major car manufacturers have gradually started in the car to install advanced anti-collision system, such as in the detection of obstacles after the automatic braking, and by measuring the surrounding speed Sensor  and distance to adjust the speed and distance. Especially with the ADAS automatic driving application prospects more and more clear, the sensor as an indispensable components, its role can not be underestimated.

    TI Texas Instruments (TI) will be high-precision and intelligent introduction, including automotive, factory and building automation, as well as medical markets, including a wide range of applications. TI's new millimeter-wave single-chip complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) portfolio is three times more accurate than the current millimeter-wave solution on the market. The new millimeter-wave 76-81GHz sensor products can detect as low as less than 50 microns, up to 300 meters. At the same time, power consumption is 25% of the current solution.

   High frequency band 77GHz equivalent to the wavelength of 3 cm, it brings the benefits, relatively from the physical point of view there is a certain upgrade. In this band will bring more precision upgrade, it will lead to many new applications. 'Sudipto Bose believes that 77GHz will be the industry trend and mainstream application direction.For automotive radar launched three products: AWR12 is mainly used Suction Control Valve for adaptive cruise, AEB and other high-precision, high-speed long-range radar applications; AWR14 increase The MCU (ARM Cortex-R4F core) can play a role in unconventional body sensor detection applications such as open door warning, vehicle week detection, detection of driver's breathing and heartbeat, and crew monitoring; AWR16 is a single-chip solution , Integrated RF, MCU and DSP processing functions, the typical application is to detect the surrounding environment of the car, including blind spot detection, anti-collision / warning, lane change assistance, traffic intersection alarm, etc., and thus around the vehicle to establish 3D perception surroundings.

    Not only in the traditional automotive applications, will be extended to the detection of traffic junctions, including in the complex surroundings to detect the bus and the traveler, which is the future of the product will go to the development and application of the main market. Millimeter-wave radar in the field of industrial applications is also very rich, TI industrial radar product marketing director Robert Ferguson listed IWR series in the industrial field of several typical use. Liquid level perception: modern industrial automation, there are more and more containers, there are dangerous liquid Pressure Sensor or a variety of containers, the need to perceive the height of the liquid level is not to achieve the current state of control; traffic signal detection: radar Can be more harsh weather conditions, such as rain or completely black state, the radar than the camera has a higher accuracy to detect, such as vehicle speed and other information, radar and camera with the show will show more new applications; Traffic: Radar can not only guide the location of the camera, you can also do intelligent traffic management, detection Speed Sensor of vehicle congestion and traffic lights for dynamic management and deployment. 

   The radar can sense the orientation of the moving object, direct the camera to record, and track the object. In the field of traffic monitoring, millimeter-wave radar is a promising area. Future TI will also be for the automotive Pressure Switch and industrial applications for the introduction of a variety of applications for the product portfolio, let us wait and see.