We reckon that what a swimming pool should be first and foremost, a thing of beauty as much as a place to have fun and get wet in. Fortunately, there is no shortage of differing dimensions you can explore in designing one. Details like shape, size and design are all open for fresh interpretation. That said however, should you be much too busy to devote any time to come up with your own design, there is also an established range of popular designs for pools which you can refer and select from. A lot rides on what sort of activities you are planning to engage in the pool – either recreational or athletic – as well aesthetics and logistics of how it will fit in your property and how much of a budget you are willing to set aside for it.

Image Source: Pexels

With all that in mind, we have come up with a list of the most popular swimming pool types/designs out there and likely candidates for you to consider if you are thinking of having a pool set up where you live.

The Figure-8 Design

True to its name, this design of a swimming pool resembles the number 8 with two evenly or unevenly shaped circles on each end connected by a slightly narrow straight in the middle. This design is intended mainly for recreational purposes. While you cannot practice to be an Olympic swimmer in it you sure can indulge in other fun activities like some water sports or pool parties.

Oval or Round Designs

This design of swimming pool was first exported in the 1930s in Hollywood. What caught the eye of many clients was the actual design which was a simple blend of straight lines and curves. The simplicity of the design made it suitable for different types of housing and architecture. It was also a lot easier to place on the any given property because the design was perfectly symmetrical and no part of it was sticking out or caving in from its main trajectory. It was refreshing approach to the sharp edges and completely straight lines of previous designs.


This designed was first introduced in 1948 by Thomas Church, a prominent landscape architect at the time. It was a great addition to the list of mainstream designs were mostly rectilinear in their proportions.It has since remained a very popular choice as a residential pool. Its design is unmistakeable as it clearly resembles kidney or kidney bean.

Custom-Shaped Swimming Pool

This is perhaps the most sentimental design of the lot. Instead of being its own design, its shape is adopted from novelty items and shapes usually of sentimental value to a client. As a result, many interesting examples have shown up, each one with its own fascinating origin story.


As a client who would a like a pool but a slick design as well, these examples we have cited have stood the test of time and are regarded as true classics.