Many people claim being a grandparent is more fun than being a parent. You're a little older, maybe a little wiser, and often, just more relaxed about life in general. Without as much self-doubt and often less of the crippling financial strain you find when you first foray into parenthood, you spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying. 

So finding out you're going to be a grandparent for the first time (or again!) is understandably reason for celebration. But this enthusiasm can cloud your judgment, especially when it comes to buying baby shower gifts. 

While any gift should be graciously and gratefully accepted, here are some of the most appreciated, most practical gifts for the newest addition to your family.

1) Onesies & Sleepers

Until you have a baby, it's almost impossible to understand just how much laundry such a small creature can create. Between the spit up and explosive poops, it's shocking, and a little horrifying. This is why it's important to make sure your grandchild has a ton of backup onesies and sleepers, since this is what they’ll be wearing most often. Go for quality onesies and sleepers. After all, they will need to withstand frequent washing. 

2) Diapers & Wipes

In the never ending battle of a baby's scattelogical output, diapers and wipes are a welcome gift. Sure, it may not be as exciting as a rocking horse, but in the long-run, a hefty supply of diapers and wipes will save parents way more money (and midnight trips to the store).

3) Savings Account

It's harder than ever to get by as a young family. These days, most people can't buy a home on a single income, let alone think of saving for baby's future. This is where you come in: start a savings account in the baby's name, make a initial deposit and give the parents peace of mind. They’ll know the interest is accumulating, and they won't have to contribute until they're able. 

4) Carseat 

A carseat keeps baby safe, and can save parents money now and down the road. And it’s a perfect shower gift since baby will need it before he or she arrives. 

5) Stroller

With quality strollers going for upwards of $1,000, buying one can be a huge expense for parents, which means baby may not get the top-quality ride his parents really desire. Sure, it will be safe, but the best strollers transition, so they can be used from newborn to preschool, and even beyond. Look for sit and stand options, and you'll be giving baby a stroller that he or she can cruise and snooze in for years to come. 

There's a thin line between being an indulgent grandparent, and being totally clueless. After all, teddy bears are cute, but a kid only needs so many stuffies, and let's face it - in the beginning, you're really giving gifts to help the parents.