Mouth Cancer Overview

Mouth or oral cancer is a kind of neck and head cancer which seems to hamper around millions of people found all across the world. This is rampant in the Indian subcontinent along with African countries like Kenya. Around 40 percent of mouth cancer cases are found among the men and this is in spite of being one of the most preventable cancer kinds. These forms of cancer, which is often diagnosed in the later stages making it difficult to treat. The fact is one can find high  quality healthcare services including Mouth cancer treatment. Interestingly the global patients including the ones from Kenya get low Mouth Cancer Treatment Cost in Mumbai but with low cost, the quality is not hampered. This is the basic reason, why more and more global patients from Kenya and other countries are heading to India for mouth cancer treatment and other health problems.

Treatment available at India Cancer Surgery Site Before we talk about the Mouth Cancer Treatment Cost in Mumbai, let's check the treatment options available at India Cancer Surgery Site. There are basically three types of treatment options, which are available with this group with high quality for mouth cancer:

Surgery: It deals with removing the tumor inside the mouth or throat which happens to be a common treatment option for oral cancer. At times one can see the surgeon removing the lymph nodes over the neck. The surgery is carried out with the blend of radiation therapy.

Radiation Therapy: This is a radiotherapy, which is also a kind of local therapy. It hampers the cells that cannot be done with the surgery. It can be employed before the surgery in order to kill the cancer cells that finally shrinks the tumor.

Chemotherapy: This is also one of the common treatment option that can be carried out with high quality and low mouth cancer treatment cost in Mumbai seeking top doctors and surgeons by the said group. It employs certain anticancer drugs that are known to kill the cancer cells. This is also known as systemic therapy since it helps in entering inside the bloodstream that hampers the cancer cells via the body.

Diagnosis of Mouth Cancer Surgery

The Mouth Cancer Treatment in Mumbai is decided as per the stage and the intensity of the problem. Well, before that the diagnosis of the mouth cancer is carried out once the patient reports with the problem. If you are seen with the symptoms pertaining to oral cancer, the surgeon is then seen carrying out some physical tests and other tests in order to find out this menace. The mouth cancer come along with the throat that goes red with white patches. The other tests that are to be carried out by the doctor and surgeon, which are enlisted the following:

•    Oral brush biopsy of suspicious tissue in mouth
•    Barium swallow
•    Scalpel biopsy
•    X-ray
•    Endoscopy 
•    CT scan, MRI

Best Mouth Cancer Treatment Cost in Mumbai

If you talk about the mouth cancer treatment cost in Mumbai, it is regarded as the most affordable one as compared to the developed nations like the US or the UK. This has been the speciality of Indian Healthcare sector, which offer high quality services with affordable cost. A quick comparison of Mouth cancer treatment cost in Mumbai with the similar surgery or treatment in developed nations like the US or the UK. It can cost you around 7500 USD while the surgery can cost you around 60,000 USD. Thus you can make the difference on your own.

Success Rate in India

The success rate in India for the mouth cancer surgery is recorded as 90 percent, which is really interesting to found out in the Indian hospitals.

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