We always have such a loss of time, the wind and frost in the snow, I carry my own suitcase, ask yourself where I want to go back to continue to move forward? At this point, we know that should hurry, but had to stop, because This moment is too significant, a thought between the future of our decision. To which stage of life, should like that period of time, to complete the completion of that stage of the duties, and students, do not indulge in the past, do not frantically look forward to the future, life like this. No matter what kind of struggle and challenge, perhaps we have only one choice: although the pain, but still happy, and believe the future.


The world's most desolate distance is two people had a long distance, do not know each other, suddenly one day, they met, love, distance becomes very close. And then one day, no longer in love, had two very close, become very far, even farther than before. I am not used to show the pain of my heart to others, because I am afraid of others comfort, do not want to have mercy. Compared to the weak talk and cry, I prefer the pride of the strong and looked up. Heart clouds, face quietly. Even if it is misunderstood, do not clarify, do not explain, do not care, put these are the power of the current line.

Why do we always do not know how to cherish the eyes? In the unpredictable reunion, we thought that always reunited, always destined, and always thought to have the opportunity to say I'm sorry, but never thought that every time waving goodbye, may be Farewell, every sigh, may be the last one of the world sigh. Love without oath is the most reliable love. Love is irrelevant to the oath. But the interesting thing is that most women like to listen to the man's oath, even in the heart is not the man's oath really, is also listening to happiness.


If life is a glass of water, then the pain is to drop the dust in the cup. We can choose to let the heart down, slowly precipitate those pains. If you always keep stirring, the pain will be filled with our lives. When young, I do not want your heart to stop, I want you to evildoer rampant. I do not want you to converge the edge, I want you to domineering. I do not want you to be dull youth, I want you arrogant squandered. In short, to laugh to cry, to love to pain. Because after a long time long, this looming memories, will help you spend a lot of you do not think you can spend the period of suffering.

You are fragile, but also your strong. Love is so fascinating, is it because it is unreliable to know that it is water, is rootless, we use a pair of hands and a pair of feet want to stop it. Until one day, when it turned the waves almost drowned us, we found that even more than ten hands and ten feet, to go the things, after all, can not stop. At first you have the courage to choose, the same courage to bear the consequences. In many cases, in the face of those who could not make the past, in the face of those things that can not be accepted, we can only do silence, silence and so on. I believe that this night after the cry, there is a new morning. Living in the world is a lot of sadness, but there are joy. Even if the days of joy are much less than the days of weeping, the world is still worthy of our being.


I can only hear in the silence, leaving only those words that I can not tell. I love you, have always loved you, later also. People do not explain the main reason is simply do not care about each other's ideas, irrelevant people, nothing to do something wrong, what is the relationship. You believe Ye Hao, do not believe Ye Hao, all in the life of the parties have no effect, why labor explained. Since there is nothing, then you have nothing to lose, and courage to face all embarrassment, beat it! Just do not give up all the happiness of faith, I believe that there will be a good thing!

Sometimes I feel very funny, those who occupy a small part of our memory, you can never forget a lifetime. Life is too short, so laugh, while you still have teeth now We are not afraid of the goal set lofty, I'm afraid there is no pursuit of courage, enthusiasm and perseverance. As long as the heart from time to time burning a firm belief, go all the way down, you will be surprised to find: a lot of so-called distant is not far away.


One person will one day understand that jealousy is useless, and imitation of others is tantamount to suicide. Because whether good or bad, people only themselves can help themselves, only to cultivate their own fields, in order to harvest their own corn.