In the pursuit of the future of the car technology, GM can be considered a positive, from its unmanned layout is evident. And this positive, but also reflected in the general use of other automotive intelligent technology Sensor research and development. GM has released a new patent for automotive aerodynamics systems.

  This complex aerodynamic system patent can automatically adjust the car tail (spoiler), the car front wing, the car shunt, and even the chassis height through the sensor and control system to achieve optimum power performance. It is speculated Suction Control Valve that GM's high-end ultra-running Chevrolet Corvette C7 is likely to become the first application of the system models.

  The patent application is described as an 'automotive aerodynamic performance control system', which includes adjusting the chassis height of the vehicle in accordance with the environmental sensing parameters to achieve optimum aerodynamic performance.

  In addition, the system has made some progress in the self-regulation of the chassis lift, including ultrasonic radar, millimeter-wave, and so on. In addition, the system has made some progress in the adjustment of the chassis lift, including fuel metering valve the ultrasonic radar, the millimeter wave Radar and other sensor unit measurement, as well as the control system with.

 Such as Active Aero (variable air spoiler device) and other accessories, is the common configuration of automotive aerodynamics system, more common in racing or luxury off-road models. The basic principles Temperature Sensor of chassis lift design originated from the middle of the last century and can play an important role in many special automotive applications such as instrument vehicles, ambulances, special military vehicles, transporters and so on. But until now, similar applications in the domestic models are still relatively rare.