Dedicated to the industry to provide users with high-quality test and measurement solutions and complete sets of testing equipment in the Beijing Branch of China-controlled Technology Co., Ltd. based on the 'flexible test' technology multi-station automotive sensor test bench. The system adopts 8-station detachable standing turntable design, which has the characteristics of high degree Sensor of automation, high efficiency, simple operation and so on. It supports single product and high quantity product testing application. The system provides professional test options based on industry experience to help users build scientific test solutions for testing of wheel speed, engine speed, crankshaft, camshaft and other common automotive sensors.

   The design of the multi-station auto sensor test bench consists of modules, standard components and components, which fully reflects the 'flexible test' technology in the system-level products, 'flexibility' requirements, removable 'sub-station' structure, making The test type of the test piece Temperature Sensor is more diversified, which is beneficial to the customer cost control.

    The multi-station automotive sensor test bench consists of three parts: mechanical, control and test. The system can be self-product type identification, cylinder position control, qualified pieces of code and unloading, the basic realization of the manual parts, the full operation of the requirements. From the system function, the system in addition to the sensor performance indicators to detect, but also the appearance and physical form Speed Sensor of the product to detect. System software is stable and reliable, in ensuring the test accuracy, beat, etc., as well as data automatically recorded and error correction, alarm and other abnormal handling of the function.

   Compared with the traditional sensor test bench, based on the 'flexible test' technology multi-station automotive sensor test bench integrated and overcome a number of technical and difficult to achieve the car sensor test bench from the appearance to the performance of a substantial optimization. Such as: by improving the mechanical precision, hardware and software monitoring to ensure that the sensor in the test process of the air gap value is stable; the system of independent structural design to support the expansion of the test function and replacement, 'sub-station' Easy to achieve the test product for the type; combined with the end of the production line test experience, the test efficiency, test accuracy, man-machine safety and production data management requirements such Throttle Position Sensor as a reasonable optimization and upgrading to ensure that the system test to meet MSA and R \u0026 R test Accuracy of <10%); general test, marking the total time control in 6s ~ 10s, for wheel speed, engine speed, crankshaft, camshaft and other automotive sensors of the final test.

  In addition, the Pan-China monitoring and testing for different users of the test requirements, but also provides based on 'sub-station' design of single-station automotive sensor test bench for multi-species small batch product testing needs.

  'Flexible test' technology is to test the overall function and performance of the measurement system for the object of concern, to meet the needs of test and measurement systems and methods of research and development of technology. It combines the test and measurement, mechanical and electrical integration, network communication and software and other technologies; to test the system accuracy, reliability, adaptability, flexibility and scalability for the Pressure Switch research objectives; both for the Application, and focus on the development of the test industry, to promote the modern test technology in the practical application of the rapid development.