Munich reinsurance company in the United States branch will be commercial fleet and other users to provide Mobileye's backward market-oriented advanced  Sensor collision avoidance system. The new project updates Mobile's ADAS technology for its customers' vehicles, with the aim of using warning signals to reduce collisions between vehicle fleets and improve driver safety. The company will also provide users with vehicle damage analysis (to determine the potential impact of Mobileye technology on the customer's business fleet business.

  In the United States in 2016 more than 40,000 traffic fatal accidents, an increase of 6% over 2015. According to NSC estimates, 2016 due to traffic lethal, injuries and traffic accidents caused by property losses totaled as high as 432.5 billion US dollars, up 12% over 2015 year on year. Mobileye Suction Control Valve provides a collision avoidance system will be the user's overall accident rate reduced by 60%, which mostly deviated from the lane and the former car crash class accident.

  Mobile after the market ADAS system before the accident to give the driver warning, so that the latter can respond in a timely manner. The system is equipped with a high-definition vision sensor for real-time analysis of dangerous driving conditions that Temperature Sensor can alert the driver before a sudden departure from the lane before a dangerous collision occurs with pedestrians and cyclists before the vehicle collision accident occurs. Consisting of a visual sensor mounted on the windshield and a visual display mounted in the cockpit.