I was confronted with a terrible situation last week: a dilemma I could see no escape from, but instead more weeks of horrific torture,facing the same enemy every day and night until I came up with a solution. 
     It started with my daughter's birthday,(26), in early February,  who still lives at home with us where several students in the school she teaches gave her chocolates for her birthday.  A few days later with Valentine's Day, came more chocolates in heart shaped boxes from her students. Our kitchen became filled with more chocolate as my wife and I exchanged Valentine gifts and then came an endless barrage  of Godiva, Lindt, Russell Stover, Dove, and Hershey among other chocolates from friends, other students,  and relatives along with a box of a dozen large red velvet cup cakes. 
     As this was the week my daughter decided to start a healthy eating regimen of vegetables,fruits, and protein shakes and my wife found the chocolates too sweet to eat plus didn't like anything soft like caramels , I alone, had to deal with the masses of chocolate now residing in our kitchen . Let me not forget that most of a large Carvel ice cream birthday  cake remained in our freezer abandoned by my wife and daughter. 
     Now you can understand my predicament; my chocolate quagmire nightmare. I am trying to eat healthier myself but there was just no way I could resist these culinary temptations and found myself eating grossly more than I should of these high cholesterol laden fattening sweets day after pig out day and night.
     As I was coming to grips with a formidable depression due to my unpleasant task of all this high calorie eating ahead of me, I suddenly thought of a brilliant solution: our Nutribullet. YES. This machine I originally got for me to break down fruits and vegetables but now only my daughter was using to mix her shakes was the answer to my problem. 
Without any hesitation, I dumped every last morsel of cremes and truffles , light and dark of every shape and size plus cup cakes and ice cream cake into the large Nutribullet cup. I'd say there was 5 pounds or so of artery clogging sweets which I needed to drink. The only thing I didn't put in were the chocolate covered strawberries nobody in my family wanted. Thank goodness I don't like strawberries. 
After several minutes of being pulverized by the Nutribullet, I drank this muddy ,sludgy, soupy looking mixture which also filled up a  second large cup.  Maybe I'm wrong, but the way I see it is, I had ingested all these rich antioxidants whose benefits hopefully outweigh the gazillion fat calories I had engulfed and more saturated fat than Jenny Craig consumes in a year in just a few delicious minutes.
Now I don't have to look at all these boxes of chocolate taunting me every day and night. I have faced the enemy and in a few short minutes disposed of him in my stomach. My nightmarish dilemma is over. 
Now I  can sleep peacefully once we get our new bed, sheets,  and mattress. Our plumber is coming this week also to install a new toilet, sink, and to change all the pipes in our bathroom.