Boomeon is making requested changes here are a couple of MY favorites.

I love the notifications in my email every morning. I can click on the comment, respond and go to the next one. It let's me keep up with posts and it is easy. I go there first thing then come back later in the day to start new posts or browse other people's groups.

I love the community button at the top of the main page. I can click and see what is new at a glance. I kind of wish it updated more often but it is a good place to see what is happening.

I am going to love the delete posts button for group managers so we can delete empty posts if a member double hit the save key.

We managers of groups also recently gotten a button to email all of our group members. We can now send out mass messaging to inform members about a fun post or maybe even plan a group event for groups that have members in close proximity. On another site the Texas group used to meet every year around Christmas time. They even had a trip to the Florida Keys one summer.

Those are some of MY most used features. Which ones do you use most?