Next month, more of the ads will appear but online only, due to budget constraints. The first truly great Azria-helmed ad campaign in ages and we don’t even get to see it in print? Even six months after her Olympics controversies, Nastia’s GGDB Sneakers victories still come at a price.

While the collection’s color palette was heavy on the blacks and gray, there were some welcome jolts of sky blue, popping orange, and fuchsia. It’s a testament to Ronson’s easy-breezy cool aesthetic that even with dark colors, her looks were styled in such a way that they seemed light and airy. Ronson’s girl is the epitome of effortless, put-together-at-the-last-minute sexiness.

Lastly, you want a sheer wash of color that will be easy to reapply all day as well as give your lips that healthy, moisturized look. UseCliniques Chubby Stick in Woppin Watermelon or Super Strawberry $15to get a subtle flush of color that looks like it could almost be your natural lip. If you want a lighter lip, opt for Woppin Watermelon as it delivers a slightly brighter tone but use Super Strawberry if you want the authentic rosy flush from the runway. They are easy to apply and deliver just a wash of color, making them perfect for this fresh daytime look.Runway Photo: IMAXtree

All the debate concerning the provenance of our Olympics uniforms might seem like a lot of handwringing over nothing GGDB more than a few hundred tracksuits, but it taps into a lot of the issues and concerns which have become central to our current political conversation, particularly as we barrel toward the presidential election. The Olympics are a kind of costume drama of international relations, in which each countrys team is an emblem of its national identity. And here in America, our identity is in definite crisis mode.

Step 4: After you finish your eyes, move onto your face. “Effie’s skin was porcelain pale, so the foundation shade you use should really depend on your own skin tone,” explains Julia. Again, you don’t want to look like you painted a clown face on, so choose a shade that’s 2-3 shades lighter than what you would normally wear. Keep in mind: blending is key. And don’t forget your neck!