National Development and Reform Commission is organizing the drafting of national smart car innovation and development strategy, through the development of a clear strategy for the next period of China's automobile strategic direction, safeguard measures, key tasks, to become China's smart car grand blueprint and action program. To speed up the innovation and development of China's smart automotive industry, and strive to Sensor a new round of global industrial transformation to seize the high ground, to strengthen the top design, the overall strategy. According to Wu Wei introduced, smart car development strategy is being drafted, road map and timetable is also determined.

, In order to win market competition, to seize the technical high ground, governments, car manufacturers and Internet companies, have launched intelligent network of automotive research and development. Smart car development is the automobile industry trend, but also the development of China's automobile industry a major opportunity. At present, China's smart car is facing a lack of comprehensive strategic plan, the core technology is relatively weak, the relevant legal norms have not yet introduced and other issues to be solved. The development of smart cars into an important national strategy for the automotive industry's significance is self-evident. This release of a clear signal, to give the power Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the country, the power of the industry to develop smart cars. Intelligent network car is expected to become China's construction of car power to seize the initiative, catch up with the development of a breakthrough. Subsequently, the ministries on the intelligent network of vehicles related to the policy and solicitation opinions have been introduced.

Ministry of Industry to guide the establishment of China's intelligent network of automotive industry innovation alliance, mainly from the perspective of industrialization, development and Reform Commission is more important from the macro-development, strategic level to the layout. Strategy, of course, to respond to the country's major concerns, in response to the industry's major concerns, in response to the company's major concerns. To speed up the development of China's smart car innovation, the National Development and Reform Commission for the relevant issues and the situation carried out in-depth analysis of research, from five aspects to promote the development of China's smart car. Third, focus on core technology, strengthen scientific research public relations; Fourth, optimize the system supply, improve Speed Sensor the regulatory standards, to speed up China's smart car legislation; five is to create the first-class design, to develop the overall strategy; Second, focus on the advantages of resources, build innovative platform; Use conditions to facilitate the orderly development of intelligent transport infrastructure and safety management facilities.

In the intelligent transportation facilities to speed up our own standard system, the impact of vehicle safety and information security links to establish a mandatory standard. Smart network car involves cross-border integration of this proposition, if there is no strategic layout and top-level design, cross-border integration is difficult to achieve. Macro-strategic layout, will effectively promote the traditional automotive industry and Internet automotive cross-border integration, thus accelerating the process of automotive intelligent network.
Internet and information technology companies have set foot in the automotive field, and through cross-border cooperation, investment and acquisition, etc. to carry out the industrial chain and supply chain layout. At the same time, whether it is in the transition of the traditional car, or car start-ups, are intelligent as the current transformation and upgrading of the focus and force point.

Very car companies in the field of smart cars and Internet companies cross-border cooperation, more focused on software development. More and more Internet companies involved in the field of smart cars, automotive companies in the field of cross-border cooperation will be more broad, involving production, design, sales and other sectors of the industry chain. The future of artificial intelligence Throttle Position Sensor development, not by technology providers, but should be the technology users, that is, traditional industries. Once the traditional enterprises understand how to use digital technology, the future will be the traditional enterprise itself led the transformation. Car enterprises in the smart network without any hesitation, not the Internet companies have enthusiasm.