Love does make you glow, but the regular use of almost magical skin care combinations made from Natural Ayurvedic herbs and extracts adds to that glow all year round! The cold winter tends to dry up the skin, making it dull. Who wants to look dull and drab on Valentine’ Day? It is the right time to begin improving the skin texture as the weather is changing and love is in the air.

The stress of daily life, the pollution, the unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits has taken the toll on the skin. A youthful skin not only makes you look younger, but protects you from skin related infections and diseases. Your search for natural, easy to use Ayurvedic skin care products ends here.

Kumkumadi Facial Oil and Saffron Radiance Gel are the two natural products created from the secret recipes from the Ancient Ayurvedic texts.  These two skin care products are developed for all types of skins. The natural, organic ingredients used in Saffron Radiance Gel are saffron, which is a known elixir for the skin. In combination with other herbs and extracts, the saffron is known to improve the skin texture, reduces blemishes and improves skin tone. 

Cleopatra is said to have a bath with Donkey’s milk for that beautiful skin. A caravan of donkeys went where she went. In Ayurveda, the use of cow’s milk is known to be highly beneficial for the skin.  Kumkumadi Facial Oil is prepared with cow’s milk, sesame and rice bran oil, turmeric, mustard and 25 natural herbs that have been found very beneficial for the skin.

Kumkumadi Facial Oil and Saffron Radiance Gel is a lifestyle product, rather a treasure that you can gift to your beloved this Valentine’s Day.  For the romantics at heart, you start using these products and see the difference for yourself. With regular application of Saffron Radiance Gel or Kumkumadi Facial Oil the skin tone improves, fine lines are minimized. A well hydrated skin remains supple and looks younger and healthier. With regular use, the fine lines get minimized, which gives you a youthful look.


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