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With the much awaited game of the season, the 19th edition of the simulated video game series, the NBA 2K18 up for grabs this September, have you equipped yourself to get to the top of the charts this season?

What do you think will be the most sought out treasure in this upcoming game? While there are many different and new features to explore and different players to own or teams to run, the one thing that hasn’t and will not change at any time is that the VC is the most sought treasure.

VC, the Virtual Currency, is the lifeline for any player to succeed in this ingenious game of basketball in the virtual arena. The NBA 2K video game, as you are aware is based on the actual NBA players and the games and the game producers have ensured that you do not realize that it is unreal at any point during the play. From the animation of the crowd to the commentary, from the different player specific signature moves to pre and post match shows, you have everything that the real game has and more. So if you have been a basketball player, then you can definitely live your dream through this video game.