Just when the old lawman has the new band of outlaws rounded up in Cleveland, this happens: They break out.

Keep in mind the old lawman, Sheriff LeBron, is an ancient thirty year old. His age isn't important unless you compare him to Steph Curry. When you look too young for the Junior Prom, everyone looks older.

Game Four of the NBA Finals may reveal the power shift you've been expecting. The experts tell us Golden State is too deep, too talented, and too pretty. Ok, I added the pretty. And Cleveland is all LeBron, LeBron, LeBron.

The Cavs might have four other guys on the floor, but LeBron is the key, the engine, and the gas in the tank. Last night the Warriors siphoned off the gas.

The big news the morning after the game wasn't about the score. It wasn't about head butting an NBA TV camera. Apparently during pregame adjustments, LeBron gave Little LeBron some air. A little too much air. I've seen the headlines, not the video.

If you want to compare yourself to an NBA superstar, stick to shooting free throws. If your percentage of shots made is bigger than the notoriously horrible bad percentage of some professional players, that's good enough. Any other comparisons go downhill from there.

Compare the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron to your job. You drive an expensive car, live in a big house, and you work for a hot new start-up. What do you do when your car breaks down on the road, your house needs asbestos abatement, and the start-up takes a dive on it's IPO?

Rent a Ford Focus, move into the garage, and re-start the start-up. This is LeBron's life. His All Star teammates are out for the year. No love from Kevin Love. No handles from Kyrie Irving. Just LeBron, or so it seems.

Turns out that NBA players have feelings and an attitude. If they were really scrubs would they be in the NBA to begin with? Would they be in the Finals if they couldn't play? For reference look at the NY Knicks where JR Smith and his pals played before Cleveland.

The Knicks have their own superstar in Carmelo Anthony and they've been worse than awful. How does LeBron play with some of the same players Carmelo had and make them so much better? Do they like The King so much better that they started making an effort?

Or is it part of the new-thought where you can get what you want as long as you help others get what they want? Coach Zig Ziglar would approve of LeBron's work in the NBA Finals. He's making his teammates better than they ever thought they'd be. You haven't caught Dellavedova fever yet?

It takes a special moment for any important game to sink in. Babe Ruth called his shot. Michael Jordan had his 'flu' game. Now LeBron has spilled blood after going head first into a sideline cameraman, and more importantly, his camera.

Just when it felt safe to jump on the Cleveland bandwagon, to praise the sights of Cleveland shown at night, LeBron lands funny and flies into the camera. It shows the sort of torque these players put on their bodies when they lose control. It makes them seem more like the rest of us when we spaz out trying to keep our balance.

With blood on his hands, and little 'bron safely under wraps, the NBA Finals have finally begun. Now it's a best of three series that goes 1-1-1 between Ohio and California.

Do you want to see the heart of a champion? Now is the time to watch.

David Gillaspie is an active researcher, skills he honed during twenty years with the Oregon Historical Society. His education wavered between English major/Fiction writer at the University of Oregon where he met Ken Kesey, to a BS in History from Portland State with news writing. Married, with two millennial sons, he connects sports and fitness to the realities of baby boomer life, with no mention ever of skydiving or base-jumping. David covers a wide variety of fascinating topics on his boomer-centric blog, Boomer PDX. Check it out -- you'll be glad you did.