A Rebounder - is a mini trampoline that was invented in Australia and is pretty much suitable for professional sports. Such rebounders are really tiny. They are tiny enough and it has the size that is perfect, so you can fit on them without falling. It is Uncomfortable? Maybe, but this rebounder has a number of advantages associated specifically with its size.

Let`s be concrete and talk about Needak Rebounder. This model was developed as an alternative to jogging - the most popular and, perhaps, the most useful sport. After all, it's not always you have an opportunity to make a couple of circles even around the house. So, let's see the advantages of this unique invention:

·         Works Perfectly Anywhere.

A rebounder can be placed at home, in the bedroom or in the office, if you wish, in the backyard etc. Have it at your summer house, in a recreation area. The dimensions of the Rebounder allow you to choose any suitable corner in your space to put this tiny trampoline.

·         Works in all Weather Conditions.

Doesn't matter what is going on behind the window: the snowing, the heat, the rain, any weather conditions that stop you from the run. But this does not mean that you need to give up sports altogether - you have a Needak Rebounder, and you have even more options with it. 

·         Improves the Effectiveness of your Exercises.

Scientists have found that a 10-minute jumping on the Rebounder is equivalent to a half an hour run, but you expend much more energy and increase additional functions of your body. Why? The Rebounder, first of all, has an elastic surface with low stability, and you have to stay concentrated doing your exercises all the time. It also helps to develop the Vestibular Apparatus.

What conclusion can we make about this innovation? It's totally great and impressive innovation that helps to keep you in shape and fight the stress.