Being a regular QuickBooks user you may feel that you encounter number of errors while working on QuickBooks at different level. These errors can be related to any task on which the QuickBooks users is working like inventories, bank feeds, payroll, managing company file and other task which user need to perform while properly processing their workflow of their organization. Sometimes QuickBooks user creates negative inventories which creates issues in your company files which lead to create the error which disrupts your workflow.

What leads to create negative entry? Generally it is created or caused by entering sales transactions before the user has entered corresponding purchase transactions which mean that you have sold inventory items which you don’t have in your stock.  QuickBooks support suggests the points which need to be look after when QuickBooks user doesn’t enter their sell item in their company file.  The main question comes in front of user is that how to find and view negative inventory.

Generally it is termed as that negative inventory show up in the user’s balance sheet but initially it shows on following reports:

·         Initial inventory detail report: it is termed that only this report can estimate the extent of negative inventory.

To access and view you need to perform:

1.       Move to the Reports menu.

2.       opt for inventory option and then click on inventory valuation

·         Listing report of all the negative items: the user should ensure that it showcases the present negative inventories not the past quantities.

To access and view you need to perform:

1.       Click on the vendors menu.

2.       Go for inventories activities then move to inventory center.

3.       On the extreme left above on inventory center window, change the active filter inventory to following Assembly to QOH <=Zero.

The following are given issues which can be encountered:

·         The new inventory which has been added doesn’t have any average cost.

·         If talk about adverse effect then negative inventory can create incorrect COGS.

·         The major issues negative entry cause is the error in vendor’s reports.


·         It can happen that negative inventory can put your cash basis balance sheet out of balance.

The above are issues created by negative inventories, user should feel free to contact QuickBooks Support experts through 1-800-290-0629.