A8 is the fourth generation of models for the model. As a result of the flagship A8 Audi highlights the future of thinking, and Mercedes-Benz S-class and BMW 7 Series compared to A8 obviously want to get out of a different way to.
A8 brings the feeling of the majority is young enough, lack of air. In the traditional sense, this level of the car is mainly used for business travel, should have enough gas field, in the atmosphere, calm among the transmission of the back of the owner of the rich, whether it is S-class, or 7 series, this is the case.
  The new A8 obviously want to have a breakthrough, so the design used Sensor a more radical approach. Front hexagonal air intake grille, compared to cash lower, wider, the body side of the alignment is very smooth, the overall movement to create a dynamic visual effects. The result is the business atmosphere to play down, but highlights more people feel. Perhaps it is hoped that this life through the Audi design, to attract more young buyers, breaking the inherent image of A8. It is difficult to predict whether this change can bring more positive terminal performance, but Audi this courage to change the traditional practice is still worthy of encouragement, after all, if stick to the business image, A8 is difficult to catch up, beyond the S-class. Instead of doing a follower, it is not as good as making a change, especially when the media or consumers define Audi as a low-key option, which is extremely unfavorable to the image of A8. For a luxury brand's flagship product, the low-key is actually a poison. So A8 in the shape of the positive response, may be able to bring unexpected benefits.

   Body material selection, A8 has been the appearance of aluminum body with the outside. In the eyes of many consumers, aluminum alloy is more luxurious than steel. But the new A8 did not continue this tradition, compared to 92% of the previous generation of aluminum alloy ratio, the new A8 aluminum alloy ratio fell to 58%, including high-strength steel, magnesium alloy and carbon fiber polymer. The large use of high-strength steel so that the weight of the white body from the previous 231 kg to 282 kg. When the Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar are in the world to show the excellent aluminum alloy body, A8 is the opposite of it, which may reflect the Audi in the car started to a more pragmatic attitude change, no longer the flagship model as a Kind of signs or gimmicks. Because of the large use of high-strength steel, so that a new generation of A8 in the torsional stiffness value beyond the previous generation up to 24%, not only the safety factor is higher, reflected Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor in the traffic quality, will be improved. Although the weight of the white body increased, but based on MLB Evo platform to build the four generations of A8, vehicle quality compared to cash weight reduction of about 200 kg.

  With more and more young people to join the level of the purchase of the crowd, although the young rich in the consumer concept is more advanced, willing to buy all kinds of luxury goods, but for those who through their own struggle from the promotion of buyers, Substantial benefits are more valued by them. So A8 in the body material on the choice, may be able to cater to this part of the crowd's consumer demand. A new generation of A8 or Audi cars first equipped with 48 volts light mixed power system models, before the mid-facelift Mercedes-Benz S-class in-line six-cylinder engine models also used the system. We are accustomed to 48 volts called weak mixed or light mix, which is essentially a strong transition to the technical route. The system is in the range of 55-160 km when the speed, A8 in the release Speed Sensor of the accelerator pedal will completely shut down the engine, driven by the power system to maintain speed of 40 seconds, the driver once re-depress the accelerator pedal, the engine will be re-awakened.

  The 48-volt system is a powerful support for start-stop motors, which can support fast start and stop of the engine when the vehicle is stationary or coasting, typically about 0.5 seconds due to increased voltage. Compared to the current start and stop function, the speed to double the times, will not appear before the kind of 'sudden' a few times to start the situation, for driving comfort and NVH great help. 48 V is also a great support for the electric boost, the basic principle is the use of low-voltage system, in the consumption of little power under the premise of the engine to provide more air intake, can significantly improve the engine's response speed, enhance the maximum engine power. In the new A8, the power output increased by 16 horsepower, the peak torque increased by 60 Nm, but now the electric boost are basically transient work (a few seconds), although the instantaneous release Throttle Position Sensor of additional energy is enough to match the vehicle To a great help, but 48 volts of power is not enough to support the number of times in a minute to accelerate.

  A8 also equipped with Level 3 level of the automatic driving system, it can be 60 km per hour when the vehicle to take over, to complete the acceleration, braking, steering and so on. I do not think that consumers will pay for automatic driving, after all, there is a lesson Tesla, Moreover, the country's laws and regulations more limited. But the automatic driving system to join is to follow the trend, while A8 to show the world Audi in the automatic driving technology research results. Audi in the development of automatic driving technology is also walking in the forefront of the times.

  As for the interior of the multi-touch LCD screen, 'relax the seat', are icing on the cake only, after all, in this regard each have their own experience, although to enhance the sense of technology and comfort is quite helpful, but not the core competition force. Power system, 3.0 V6, 4.0 V8, and 6.0 of the W12 engine, are we are familiar with the engine. It is gratifying that Audi in the basic engine did not follow the BMW, after all, a 2.0T engine even if the skill is deep, used in a flagship model, it seems a little thin. Luxury brand's flagship model, whether it is engine, or interior material selection, should have at least the bottom line standard. In fact, fine study, although the Audi A8's high technological content, but not too much extravagant or subversive changes, with Pressure Switch a word summary, is to follow the trend, appropriate ahead, style change. For the Mercedes-Benz S-level, the luxury is enough to do, for the 7 series, the driving is enough, for the A8, only change, in order to change the current 'third party' role.