new balance 247 to seven days a week, 24 hours a day to wear for the design concept. 247 integrated New Balance proud of the process and quality, combined with modern appearance, but also in the details of the part of the scientific and technological elements, classic and innovative combination of collision. Shoes designed to retain the New Balance classic shoes exquisite and texture, the details of the section can be seen 1300,576 and 998 figure, a symbol of respect classic

The streets and the movement of the design elements of integration, redefine the New Balance leisure life category. This series launched a total of black, white, brown three colors. To almost pure color of the way, focused on the original pure texture of leather, people can savor their beauty, leisure and a little mature charm also let the style with more possibilities.

At the same time to celebrate the first wave of New Balance 247 Luxe global market, New Balance especially in Shanghai Xintiandi, # lifein247, all-weather type of theme, together with the Shanghai street shop DOE to create a 247 day POP-UP Store.

For the new "President running shoes" on sale, will lead to loyal to the streets love the trend of young people, the scene is extremely hot.

New Balance China Product Director Gavin Wang said, "the introduction of 247 shoes for the New Balance Lifestyle category into the new vitality.New Balance has always been the pursuit of technology and quality, while retaining the classic, we observed the market demand and popular trends, resulting in The 247 this new shoe .247 can be said that the next page of the brand innovation, it is the next generation.We will be the classic and innovative integration, hit a new spark, more rich New Balance product content, which is a Redefine New Balance shoes, it is worth your attention and attention.

As the sky slowly darkened, when the night comes, 247 day limit convenience store transformed into a body of the body, so that the presence of the guests are excited.

But also invited to the well-known hip-hop singers Dough-Boy and DJ cavia performances, in the heat of the radiance of music and transformation of the light, the Shanghai Xintiandi Taiping Lake hundreds of people gathered in the trend of crowds, the event to a climax.

More professional bartenders for the guests on-site fancy bartender, do not have a taste.
Market demand and the trend of popular, resulting in a 247 this new shoe type. 247 can be said that the brand next page innovation, it is the next generation. We will be the integration of classic and innovation, hit a new spark, more rich New Balance product content, which is a redefine New Balance shoes, it is worth your expectations and attention.
New Balance 247 Luxe series will take the lead in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris
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In the end who is the real Red Bottoms Shoes owner? Most people in the minds of the direct impression is estimated to be mens christian louboutin, they began to paint from the 90s to the soles. Designers have registered trademarks in several countries, but progress is not so smooth in Switzerland. According to the WWD report, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court recently rejected the brand will be red shoes registered trademark. The court that the red bottom is only a kind of aesthetic elements, do not have the conditions for patent applications. This is not about the soles of the first litigation, we all know that the brand is very happy to make trouble on the court. The most famous is in 2012 Christian Louboutin sued Yves Saint Laurent infringement. Up to a year of the court tug of war finally decided that Christian Louboutin does have a red end of the patent, but the premise is that in addition to the parts of the soles can not be the same red. So any brand can still launch the whole pair of shoes is red design, and Yves Saint Laurent can continue to use their design.
Do not wear high heels woman no future, women can not resist the temptation of a pair of US shoes. In this way, the legendary shoemaker master Christie - Lubutu must be in the hearts of every woman to occupy an important weight, will let the red shoes become a long-lasting classic design.

Well-known high-heeled shoes brand Christian Louboutin recently to their own aesthetics to another cause, that is charity. Designers from the charity La Maison Rose Senegalese women embroidery has been inspired to create the Africaba handbag. The 10% price of the bag will be donated to the NGO organization.

Africaba handbag printing and color has a strong African background, colorful pattern is one of its highlights.

"I hope that in this handbag, can reflect the charm and beauty of African fabrics, while the perfect show in Senegal and France, the two places excellent handicrafts." Louboutin Shoes so describe the cooperation.

Next time in Christian Louboutin, not only can buy double hot red shoes, but also the way to be a charity.