When it comes to a new bar it can be difficult to feel at home, especially when you’re unaware of the crowd of people that are there. There are those that prefer sports bars, other than prefer the quieter bars and of course there are those that prefer it to have an atmosphere. To help you through this we’ve come up with different bars to help you try something different!


The Refinery


The Refinery was created by the business Drake and Morgan. It is based in a desire location that is within walking distance to more bars and of course the town centre. However, there is a unique trait about The Refinery that is different to all the bars its surrounded by, the price. As bars in Spinningfields are seen to be expensive, The Refinery finds a fine balance with competitive prices and exclusive cocktails. They do venture a classic British menu; however, their specialty lies in the cocktail department. For those looking for a prime location and ideal prices, The Refinery is the place for you.




When Suri officially opened, it hit the ground running with its blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern style. However, as their food hit new heights, as did their cocktails. The Mediterranean and Middle Eastern twist has been adapted in their cocktails, mixing Bombay Sapphire with Saffron Royale and ginger beer to create something truly special. Suri is based on King Street and is in the perfect location for you settle with a date, or perfect place for a few drinks before a night out.


Duke 92

Dukes 92 is a little out of the way compared to the other two bars that are listed. It is based in the Castlefield area, which is beautifully peaceful. Even though it is peaceful, it is also the perfect location for a day-time filled with drinks and food, especially with the outdoor terrace and large beer garden area. Castlefield is known to be popular during the hotter months and especially when the sun is out, however, with the peaceful location it tends to be popular all year around. Why not try one of the most stylish bars in Manchester today?