Women Jordans 2017 This is Nike and Michael Jordan create brilliant first step. In the 1984-1985 NBA, Jordan wearing a pair of black and red Air Jordan 1 in the arena to enjoy special care. Because the violation of the NBA's "uniform dress" provisions prohibited by the NBA wearing. Michael went his own way, still wearing it, and was fined up to $ 5,000 per game. In fact, this is done for the Nike a great ad. There is a prominent on the upper "wings basketball" logo, in the use of trapeze signs, the first generation and second generation Jordan shoes are wings basketball as a symbol. 1984 rookie called the history of NBA strength of the strongest session. So when the Bulls, who had the third draft pick, chose Michael Jordan of the University of North Carolina, a lot of people did not understand their choices. In their view, the Bulls can have a better choice. But it turns out that everyone is wrong, this thin young man is the best.
Jordans 2017 In order to pay tribute to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, custom shoes designer Malcolm Garret recently created this pair of specially named What the Legend of the Air Jordan 1 custom color. From the three legendary players belong to the color of the team draw inspiration, extract the blue, yellow, red, green four colors, and What the asymmetric way into the black Air Jordan 1 above. Originals new mixed shoes Stan Smith BOOST also ushered in the theme of "Metallic Copper" color. Retained the Stan Smith identification of the simple body, with a strong sense of metal with the same color patent leather production, signature Logo to black contrast dotted on the tongue and heel, and retro rubber soles are replaced in this hot BOOST, classic and innovative collision, bringing the ideal affixed to experience Stone Island this time for the Sock Dart injected into the internal boots design, giving the classic shoes of this new medium-tube profile, the body with high-grade leather shoes and breathable Mesh production, in the forefoot vamps into the waterproof silicone coating, while creating special effects to pay tribute Stone Island has always been ingenuity of the fabric process. While the middle of the signature strap and lightweight Duralon foam outsole is retained, and Nike and Stone Island's Logo will be decorated in the joint tongue on top.
New Jordans 2016 on the designer's request is the need for a pair of air cushion is not so thick, the venue is very strong sense of light shoes, so Air Jordan 1 air from the first year to the engraved version is very thin, many people even suspect Air Jordan 1 This pair of shoes whether there is an air cushion. Today, this legendary officially ushered in the birth of the first 20 years, Nike has decided to re-engraved the most legendary Royal color return shoes fans, Air Foamposite One's 20th anniversary celebration kicked off, seen this pair of shoes Of the design story after reading, this time we continue to bring you a new version of the details of the recent rewards. As the first commercially available color of the bubble family, its classic degree needless to say, whether it is full of one-piece sense of the future shape shoes, or the classic blue-black dress, are carrying countless memories of the penny, Of the color has a special limit, they do not allow a pair of shoes at the same time there are a lot of bright and fancy colors, and Air Jordan 1 is a pair of white, black and red with the shoes, so the league requires JORDAN every game must wear Pay a game of fine, this time NIKE very generous took out the money. So this pair of shoes will have a special identity - banned the shoes, which look to meet the different hearts of those young people, and even the Air Jordan 1 ad language is also written: "October 15, NIKE design a pair of epoch-making new sports shoes, October 18, NBA this pair of shoes in the off the block, fortunately, NBA can not stop you wearing these shoes. "Air Jordan 1 suddenly hot.