'Two sessions' for the development of the industry pointed out the direction of the request also gives some of the solutions. Take the industry overall planning, innovation and development trend, as the main players involved in the market Sensor to seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of innovation at the same time, but also actively for the development of industry advice and suggestions, hoping to form a good industry development environment, eliminate obstacles.

  New energy vehicles to support, to encourage policies to diversify, to the user use links tilt, the use of points, (electricity, tax, etc.) preferential measures to enhance the use of new energy vehicles convenience, nurture and guide the consumer market. Hope that the new energy vehicle dual points management measures as soon as possible landing and further clarify the implementation details. Such as whether it will begin assessment in 2018, after 2020, the proportion of the proportion of requirements, so that enterprises as soon as possible to develop products, technologies and other development strategies and planning. Operating vehicles 30,000 km assessment objectives to be classified implementation, different treatment. Fuel cell car subsidies and support policies can be appropriate extension. Hoping to strengthen the support of the development Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of fuel cell industry, especially in infrastructure construction, while supporting the construction of infrastructure to promote the approval of hydrogen refueling station. At present, China's fuel cell technology and application of the situation also need to support the national policy, hope that the relevant subsidy policy in 2020 after the expiration of the appropriate continuation or retreat, increase the hydrogen fuel cell in the field of public transport applications, and improve the relevant products Standards and the construction of regulatory system.

   Yutong Bus also proposed to increase the continuation of the fuel cell vehicle support, subsidies, you can advance from the 'Ten City 1000' or '5 City 500' project began to demonstrate the operation. At the same time, to strengthen the construction of the refueling station subsidies to encourage the production of hydrogen fuel, transport subsidies. New energy vehicle purchase tax relief policy can continue to 2020, or even 2025 years. At the same time for the exclusion of consumption tax in accordance with the problem, hoping to give plug-in hybrid cars to concessions. At present, the plug-in hybrid in the traditional fuel vehicles in accordance with the displacement required to pay the consumption tax, and according Temperature Sensor to BYD terminal consumer feedback data, plug-in hybrid 80% is electric drive, which hope that the consumption tax can give plug-in Hybrid models offer. Commercial vehicles, according to the different types of market demand for the application of subsidies to adjust the conditions. At present, the state does not apply for admission to the school bus channel, it is estimated that China has 25,000 a year of school bus demand, which is a new energy commercial vehicle a great potential market, hoping to open catalog management as soon as possible; The car subsidy is adjusted to 1.0. Logistics vehicles, sanitation trucks, slag cars in the power to relax the load capacity and capacity of the utilization factor limit requirements; to relax the capacity of the tank capacity requirements.

   Guoxuan Hi-Tech proposed to strengthen the sustainability of new energy vehicles, the freedom of the market and the seriousness of regulation. Beitui hope that the state to increase the battery material technology research ABS Sensor and development and related enterprises to support efforts to build a national material innovation center to promote industrial innovation and development. At the same time, China's urgent need to improve the manufacturing capacity of materials and equipment.
   Special calls suggest to enhance the intelligent interaction performance and safety management of the charging infrastructure, extend the subsidy to the charging infrastructure, and gradually tilt the construction subsidy to the operating subsidy. Million doubts on China's current charging pile of technology development is full of confidence that the near future, China's charging pile enterprises will emerge several internationally renowned brands, accounting for more than 70% of the global market share. Million gang hope that the OEM can upgrade Pressure Switch the vehicle charging pile of intelligence; the state can be used in the consumer side of the charge concessions, carbon integral management, etc. to give preferential support.