The proportion of buses in the new energy bus gradually decreased, down to 79% in 2016. In all the bus ownership, the new energy bus accounted for 30%, forming a better growth potential. The current development Sensor of the northeast, northwest and Beijing, Tianjin and other new energy bus is slow, the future of new energy bus potential is still large.

1, the bus is the main force of large and medium-sized passenger cars

According to the early public security on the card and the recent cross-strong insurance insurance data analysis, the bus is the main force of new energy large and medium-sized passenger cars. In recent years, new energy bus from the bus gradually break into the non-operating in many areas, the formation of hot spots to buy part of the purchase of the city. In particular, the unit users are happy to buy new energy buses Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to achieve environmental protection and assessment indicators to achieve, which is 16 years of non-operating new energy accounted for 16% of the higher level.

2, the distribution of bus and rental comparison

The northern region due to weather and other factors, especially in the northeast and northwest of the rental ratio is high. The warm weather in the south, coupled with strong economic development, the formation of bicycles, motorcycles, private cars and other personalized travel more convenient, rental and public transport accounted for a relatively low, and the rental ratio is relatively low. In the past to the south of small towns, often looking for a Mo left, of course, when the legs by the time. But the north is relatively more rental. Especially in East and South China, but the proportion of registered leasing and public transport is not high.

3, the development of new energy bus is also more rapid.

According to our statistics on each province of new energy bus over the calendar year on the card situation, the development of new energy bus faster, but not balanced. The proportion of new energy buses in the northern region is relatively low, while the middle of the Yellow River basin of new energy buses accounted for a higher proportion, especially in Shanxi and Henan Pressure Sensor and other new energy bus accounted for a strong. This is also classified according to the Central Yellow River Basin, the eastern part of North China accounted for a relatively high characteristics. While the northeastern region, northwest region, southwest region of new energy vehicles accounted for a lower level of sales volume level.

4, the proportion of new energy bus is still room for improvement

According to the Ministry of Communications promulgated the new energy bus to promote the application of assessment methods (Trial), in order to further accelerate the new energy vehicles in the field of public transport to promote the use of transportation industry to promote energy conservation and structural adjustment. The proportion of new and replaced new buses in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Hainan, 2015-2019 should be 40%, 50% 60%, 70% and 80% respectively. The following are the same as the '

The current Beijing-Tianjin-Shanghai new energy bus is generally slower. With respect to the deep pockets, the more distinctive is the lower proportion of new energy eastern cities of Beijing, Tianjin bus, there is no superior characteristics similar to the proportion of Shenzhen. This is also the big city of traffic efficiency and safety considerations. May this year's Beijing Crab Island near Taiwan electric bus Speed Sensor caught fire, causing great concern and condemnation of the media, information and this is reflected in the sensitivity characteristics of large cities. But with the new energy bus mature, the future of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai is also the need for new energy vehicles compliance. This is also a huge market opportunity.

5, the new energy bus plug the market has potential

From 16 years of new energy bus composition, the proportion of new energy buses is still a high level. One of the advantages of pure electric bus market in South China and Shanxi market, which is a pure electric market better breakthrough. With the future to further enhance the penetration of new energy bus, plug-in hybrid passenger car Pressure Switch in the northern region also has great potential for development. Pre-new energy bus under the high subsidies under the deformity of the market will be changed.