In the field of electric vehicles hard work for many years BYD are not convinced that in the field of traditional fuel trucks, technology worship is the past few years, one of the leading domestic automobile consumption factors. To the battery OEM started BYD at the end of 2008 officially entered the electric car market, released the world's first commercial F3DM plug-in dual-mode electric vehicles, said the car production has been 5 years before the accumulation of technology. Since then, Wang Chuanfu began to elaborate his green dream, his layout in the field of new energy Sensor is almost the whole industry chain, including the core components of electric vehicles and battery control systems, intelligent energy storage power plants and photovoltaic power generation. Subsequently, BYD began in the field of public transport to promote its electric bus K9 and e6 pure electric taxi.

   As the core of the electric car battery. Tesla's battery has been criticized for its 'old technology', 'no core competitiveness.' The reason is that it is the only company to use 18650 type lithium cobalt oxide ion battery, this battery has been used in notebook computers. The current Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, BYD E6 and FiskerKarma and other models are preferred lithium iron phosphate battery. The latter advantage is that the thermal stability is high, the battery life is relatively long, theoretically can be greater than the vehicle life; at the same time its power density is better, can be large discharge rate, with good acceleration performance, e6 on the use Temperature Sensor of iron phosphate Lithium battery energy density in five years ago, only 70-80 watts / kg, the current can do 104 watts / kg. The lithium cobalt oxide battery although the technology is mature, high power, energy density, but the safety factor is low, the cost is relatively high. Model S Not long ago three accidents were confirmed as a battery fire. There are many reasons for the battery fire, but the final reason is the battery heat out of control, the battery quickly warming to its unbearable temperature.
  Companies that are studying electric vehicles have similar battery system management techniques. Such as last week BMW Brilliance Connaught brand head also stressed its first electric car 1E advanced battery management system, the system has a self-diagnosis and management capabilities, can detect the battery storage, charge and discharge and running state, driving in the event of an exception , Will be within 30 milliseconds to disconnect the battery and the vehicle electrical system to ensure that all components are not charged. In addition to the different battery selection, Tesla and BYD in the single cell structure is also two very different path. Tesla respected a small single battery, which is considered when the monomer damage needs to be replaced when the small battery can play a cost advantage.
    Tesla worthy of BYD study, it should be a new thing to do the marketing experience to the extreme. Tesla's technology is not the reason why it swept the market at home and abroad, at least not the main reason. In fact, Tesla is similar to a piece of creative goods, innovative integration of the various technologies, and then use the IT concept to pack the sale. In the product design line, Tesla locked 'small public high-end' audience, and BYD as the representative of many car companies to take the popular line of people, choose to be able to place enough batteries, as compact as possible, as much as possible ABS Sensor to control costs. Which route can finally open the market is not yet conclusive, and Tesla worthy of BYD study, it should be a new thing to do the marketing experience to the extreme, to achieve the 'fan economy' purposes.

   This kind of open Internet thinking happens to be in conflict with BYD's long-term foundry culture. The biggest feature of foundry business is that it requires very high degree of confidentiality. This is also the industry that BYD is very closed reason.