A new energy car company equipped with automatic driving function, 'Xin Yuezhi line', outside the workshop parked a black Great Wall Hover H7, front position mark forward millimeter-wave radar has been installed, the top there are three before and after Camera, dual GNSS RTK antenna and a red rotary laser radar, under the lidar is a double-sided color LED screen, is rolling display 'new Yue Chi line unmanned vehicle test ... ...' words. According to the new Yue Chi-line partner and R \u0026 D vice Sensor president Li Wanlong introduction, this car Harvard H7 internal called 'wisdom Yue SmartJoy EVO', has done a wire-control system, an increase of five and unmanned control bus and response to the implementation of the mechanism To implement execution control. In terms of sensors, the front three cameras are binocular depth perception and a long distance focal camera, which is used to detect lane lines, vehicles, pedestrians and traffic signs. The video system uses SDI and GMSL dual mode to transmit 1080p signals in real time.

   In the field of laser radar, the use of the North Branch painted RFans-16 to provide 200 meters 16-line 360-degree sensing radar, the new Yue Chi-line automatic driving core framework WiseADF is also compatible with the North Branch RFans-16, VLP-16, HDL -32E, LightWare SF series, IBeo / Sick, Beiyang, LeddarTech and Daihara LiDAR and RP-LiDAR. After the 24GHz BSD dual millimeter-wave radar is the use of Chengtai technology products, during the year will be the new Wyatt WiseBSD market-oriented low-cost solutions for the market. Forward 77GHz millimeter-wave radar, the current installation  Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor  is  Chengtai and Xin Yue co-debugging program, and WiseADF were integrated. WiseADF is also compatible with Delphi ESR series dual mode millimeter wave and ESR + visual fusion program and Continental mass production millimeter wave radar program.

   Open the trunk, followed by a black case and a silver box filled with a harness. The black chassis is currently used by SmartJoy EVO fusion computing unit, its computing power more than NVidia Drive PX2. But because it is a dual Xeon GPU industrial control program, in addition to power and cooling problems, combined with the control bus also need to be installed in the silver box in the control unit to do signal processing, this unit was originally used dSPACE Autobox, After several months of research and development, the formation of the current low-cost program. Cost, size, power and reliability is almost all unmanned team to the industrialization of large-scale into the face of the problem, we are almost a trunk of the chassis and wiring harness, looking all the headache. During the year, the new Wyatt will come up with two palm sizes and the power, cost and reliability of mass production for the large-scale use of the WiseADCU integration program, will be about 100W power consumption is not less than Drive PX2 computing power, and Integration is equivalent to Autobox and Matlab / Simulink vehicle control and simulation interfaces.
   In the new Yue Chi line restructuring workshop, there is a parked on the lift of the small car is the new Yue Chi line of new energy prototype, called 'Xinyue SpiritJoy SJ17', has been able to run smoothly on the road, load climbing performance to achieve design targets , Will continue to tune some parameters. SJ17 in the traditional fuel vehicle chassis based on the assembly of new Yue independent design integration Temperature Sensor of the three power system program, for three to six lines of urban and suburban operation and family. SJ17 first listed low-speed version, the acquisition of low cost, low operating costs, reliable quality. The high-speed version of the SJ17H, has been with the supply chassis chassis of the traditional OEM to reach a consensus in the test and certification are completed, you can use the OEMs to apply for entry into the catalog, enjoy national and local subsidies.
   To complete the complete automatic driving and unmanned industrialization, have their own vehicle and related supply chain system is a very critical part; Finally, the new implementation of the main partners, have many years of low-speed business models using cars The appearance and shape, in fact, to enhance the comfort and safety is limited. But one can not be on the card, two can not run fast, and 99% of the small customers are running passenger and cargo transport, and their operating costs and when the vehicle back to the most concerned about. In the operational issues, the new Yue can be combined with the micro-cloud car, to build a cloud monitoring and management Pressure Sensor of shared rental platform. For the low-speed electric vehicle qualification problem, in the safety of the vehicle itself, the new low-speed micro-surface models used in the traditional micro-body and chassis and all the assembly process, are complete test and into the directory, From the steel pipe of the van car models, the natural and traditional cars with the same level of security advantages. While the micro-face buyers, most of them are holding the old driver, not the low-speed car facing the elderly to take the market.

  In the restructuring workshop, there is a screen across the main co-ride half of the car and a two-seat four-wheel car. Half the body is the new cockpit and sensor simulation verification platform, mainly used to develop and display a variety of sensors and future human-computer interaction system for the follow-up intelligent driving and unmanned visual environment, at the same time, Xin Yue also For the industry partners to provide a product integration debugging and display platform.

The SmartJoy Nano is the technology demonstration and test platform for future municipal, logistics and micro-buses. It has achieved power, steering, braking, and integrated high-precision positioning, binocular depth sensors and low cost LeddarTech multi-sector laser Ranging module and other sensors, coupled with running WiseADF low-end operation control unit, the overall part of the additional cost of intelligent control in the 2.5 million yuan or less. If the municipal cleaning environment with V2X technology, remove the more expensive parts of the perception, have the opportunity to control within 1 million. These engineered industrialized autopilot technologies will integrate with the SJ Series models into logistics vehicles and micro-bus products.
    For why driving in the automatic, unmanned, but also to do the new energy vehicle, and select the small surface models as a new energy vehicle model entry point, automatic driving and unmanned, it is difficult in three to five The popularity of the year, so that the new Yue in addition to the restructuring Throttle Position Sensor of the project to achieve large-scale stable income; Secondly, if only the accumulation of unmanned core technology and algorithms, then in the foreseeable future, and now the same parts suppliers The face of the OEM system system problems, technology no matter how good, may also lose in the qualification and brand history, not to mention the OEMs have their own affiliated teams and enterprises will have priority, and even put forward with the purchase amount for technical transfer demand.