The major car prices within 1 year to reach 30,000 km of operating indicators completely without confidence, plus nearly 1 year of subsidies to declare and audit cycle, the car capital of the funds too much pressure. Previously, the country Sensor a number of car prices collective to the Automobile Association 'complain', but ultimately no fruit. From the terminal operation of the research situation, because the product level, market level, operational level of multiple factors, this concern is not unreasonable.

   The ideal state is a pure electric truck in the performance of stable, mileage mileage Kaopu case, a car driving 150 km, the operating mileage of each month can reach 4200 km (excluding 1-2 days per month maintenance Or unexpected circumstances), then 30,000 km of operating time to 7 months to complete. Shenzhen market, for example, in addition to a small number of operators as a result of a small number of large customers, adequate supply, vehicle performance and stability in the case of operating mileage of up to 100 km or even 200 km. But the actual situation is not so optimistic, many operating companies due to supply instability, a car operating every day only a few dozen kilometers. In addition, most Temperature Sensor of the market belongs to the dealer and leasing company, the vehicle will be leased out of vehicles, many of which are self-employed and business units, in which case, the daily operation of the time and mileage is difficult to ensure that most of the daily 100 km. Then this part of the vehicle within a year to complete the 30,000 km mileage is still very difficult.

   At present, because the vehicle performance, but off, mileage problems, the vehicle fault lying nest, maintenance cycle at least 1-2 days, long is a month or even months. In addition, because the vehicle loading on the road, the specificity of urban traffic conditions, the actual life of electric trucks can not meet the operational needs, often need to pay, and other charging time is too long and so on these factors have greatly affected the actual operating mileage of the vehicle. In addition to the product itself, including performance and mileage, as well as high prices and other factors. There is still a large market factor. At present, pure electric logistics vehicles are mainly used in the field of urban areas, this area quite Speed Sensor a mixed bag, scattered sources, subdivision market complexity and so on, so many operators or leasing side of the vehicle often operate tens of kilometers or 100 kilometers per day Out of stock.

    There are a few operators hold down, and mastered a stable customer and supply, operating conditions, operating mileage of 150 kilometers per day is not a problem. The core of this type of operator is to master a few large customers, a stable and stable amount of goods, every day a fixed business and shares of the fixed line, several customers will be a reasonable configuration, the vehicle can operate more than ten hours a day. In addition, similar to Jingdong, SF and other such power giants and logistics giants become the major car prices and operators to grab the key customers, their supply is sufficient, single volume, fixed line, etc., but many giants on the electric vehicle The use is still in the inspection or small batch use stage, the real market start also need a certain verification period.

   A car to meet the 30,000 km, together with all the vehicle information submitted to declare the subsidies, the formal acceptance, you need to wait about 6 months, and then publicity, to the payment and payment of the need for 3 months, the entire cycle Up to 1 year. This means that if the previous year ran 30,000 km of vehicles, the country really account for the period up to 2 years. Especially in the second half of the delivery of the vehicle, then if not completed 30,000 km, you need to submit the second half of the next year to declare. According to a load of 40 degrees of micro-surface, the cost of the battery in accordance with the three yuan battery 1500 yuan / kWh, the cost of the battery is about 60,000 yuan, while the cost of the body in accordance with the calculation of 20,000 yuan, the cost of each vehicle rough Estimated at 80,000 yuan (not including the above technology, research and development, personnel and other costs). Each car to the operator or dealer price of about 4-5 million, then each sold a car, car prices need to advance about 40,000 yuan, if the annual 10,000 car, companies need to advance their own Of the funds will need 400 million yuan, which does not include Throttle Position Sensor enterprises in research and development, personnel and management, equipment, plant and other aspects of investment. In this case, many car companies frequently more than a few billion billions of new energy subsidies receivables is not difficult to understand.

And this period of up to two years, during which companies need to solve their own cash flow problems, 2017 is only the beginning. Many people think that, in accordance with the implementation of this policy, the two years may be a group of funds can not break the business dead. In order to alleviate the financial pressure, car prices and operators and distributors of cooperation has also undergone some changes, derived from a variety of cooperation. For example, car prices will be proposed by the operator or dealer to fill, car prices themselves to bear part of the country. Later by the operators and distributors to the local government to declare. But this often requires the two sides to negotiate, under normal circumstances the dealer does not reason to bear this part of the work and risk. 2017 implementation of the beginning, 30,000 km of the industry's strong resistance to the current Pressure Switch passive acceptance, including car dealers, including dealers have made a lot of efforts and work to overcome the obstacles. The current assessment of 30,000 km on whether there will be any official news, in the face of the next difficulties, still need to face the car and the operators together.