Renault - Nissan and Dongfeng Motor announced the establishment of Yi Jie special new energy vehicles Limited, in order to jointly develop and sell electric vehicles in China. This is within a week, the establishment of the second domestic joint venture Sensor of new energy vehicles. Domestic car enterprises should quickly develop their own new energy strength, and seize the key policy opportunities, looking for more partners, lay the future development of new energy vehicles pattern.

   Renault, Dongfeng and Nissan have signed the agreement to set up a new joint venture, the establishment of Yi Jie special new energy vehicles Limited. Among them, Renault and Nissan were held 25% stake in easy, Dongfeng will hold the remaining 50% stake. After the establishment of the new company, the production of electric vehicles will be carried out in Dongfeng automobile production base, the formation of 120,000 of the scale of production and sales, is expected to begin production in 2019 new electric vehicles. To meet the needs Suction Control Valve of Chinese consumers, Yi Jie plans to design a smart network with a new function of the electric car. The EV is based on the Renault-Nissan Alliance's A-level SUV platform, developed jointly by the Alliance and Dongfeng, and Easy will take full advantage of Renault-Nissan's experience in electric vehicle technology and low-cost automotive design, as well as the strong production of Dongfeng Group Cost advantage. In the Chinese auto market, facing the trend of lightening, electricization, intelligence, networking, sharing and other trends, Dongfeng, Renault, Nissan 'Golden Triangle' alliance through the innovative business model for the joint development of the Chinese market electric car products The result is to deepen and strengthen the tripartite strategic cooperation.

  The establishment of this easy Czech Republic, is just a week to start China's second new energy joint venture car project. Prior to this, Ford announced that it signed a memorandum of cooperation with Zhongtai Automobile, the proposed new joint venture company, will provide Chinese consumers with independent brands of pure electric vehicles, the joint venture will hold 50% of the shares. China's new energy market to accelerate growth, so that multinational brands optimistic about the future space. January-July, new energy vehicle sales of 25.1 million, up 21.5% over the same period last year. The most critical point is that China is about to implement the 'double integral' policy, but forcing cross-border car prices to accelerate fuel metering valve the layout of new energy vehicles to meet the policy requirements.

  At present, China's 'double points' policy has been conducted twice for comments. This new cooperation is a positive response to China's policy measures. For both parties, a tie-in combination will be achieved to ensure the availability of effective products in the new energy sector to drive the development of new energy vehicles faster. In this case, they can co-investment, research and development for the Chinese market products, electric vehicles, to improve the original foreign-funded enterprises acclimatized, the lack of products in line with the Chinese market demand passive situation. In fact, the parties to the car business has long been considered, with the policy of clarity, response measures are also quickly implemented, which reflects the car prices for China's high degree of correspondence. The recent joint venture of new energy companies have been set up, it can be said that the combination of long and short strategy. In the short term, it is a policy response; in the long run, more is a policy opportunity.

   With the new joint venture to join, the domestic car prices should first develop new energy vehicles, in the short term, this is the core focus of policy support, in the long run this is a development trend. Only as soon as possible to Pressure Sensor develop more powerful, will have a better partner. Domestic car prices should grasp the key policy opportunities, looking for more partners, this cooperation can bring both funds, but also bring brand promotion, the enterprise is a good perspective.