Intelligent driving as an artificial intelligence is expected to quickly landing an application, has become an irresistible trend of science and technology. Whether at home and abroad technology giant or auto parts suppliers, vehicle manufacturers are vigorously expanding the automatic driving research and development, intelligent driving as a new battlefield, accelerate forward. And the recent construction Sensor of relevant laws or management norms, is also expected to help the rapid development of intelligent driving. In fact, the 'olfactory' fund company has long been the layout of the relevant theme funds, in this huge 'outlet' on the occasion of the 'Nuggets' related investment opportunities.

The US House of Representatives unanimously voted to adopt a proposal to speed up unmanned car testing and deployment. The proposal will then be submitted to the Senate, if passed, will prevent multiple states in the United States to block the current policy of automatic driving the car, while allowing the car manufacturers to obtain immunity. In terms of domestic, the relevant policy is also actively contribute to the development of intelligent driving. September 8, according to the Ministry of Industry and Web site news, in order to support and standardize fuel metering valve the intelligent network of public vehicle road safety verification, to promote the automotive intelligent, network technology development and industrial applications, the Ministry of Industry and Equipment Industry Division drafted the ' Guidelines for the Management of Adaptability of Public Roads for Automobile (Trial Implementation).

Unmanned is artificial intelligence in the field of automotive and transportation applications landing at home and abroad many technology giants have long been ahead of the layout, the recent action is frequent. Baidu released the Apollo Program in July, which aims to provide an open, complete and secure software platform for partners in the automotive industry and in the field of automatic driving to help them combine vehicles and hardware systems to quickly Own complete autopilot system. The project provides a complete set of hardware and software and service solutions, including vehicle platforms, hardware platforms, software platforms, cloud data services, and other four parts. In the Minsheng Securities view, Baidu move Pressure Sensor will promote the development of domestic intelligent driving, and open the growth of the industry chain space, bringing huge market demand, sensors, maps, car manufacturers and even parts companies will benefit.

In the context of China's manufacturing 2025, low-carbon, information, intelligent (electric, intelligent, network) is undoubtedly the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry must be the way, superimposed national support policy, the industry believes that smart cars Is expected to become one of the largest industrial outlets in the next decade. 'Wealthy' sensitive institutions have long been the first layout, such as last year, Harvest Fund and Wells Fargo Fund were set up to build the Castrol Smart Car Equity Fund and the rich country card smart car index (LOF) fund, in August this year, Cathay Pacific Fund issued a Cathay Pacific smart car Stock funds. Artificial intelligence applications there are many, the first wave of applications may be in the unmanned field, the world's major enterprises, whether it is Google or Baidu, in fact, the promotion is relatively fast, but some of the current artificial intelligence valuation is relatively high, on the one hand From a technical point of view, looking for some long-term advantage of the field of artificial intelligence business, on the other hand, if investors are relatively stable investment style, in fact, you can choose some hardware areas, such Speed Sensor as unmanned imports will bring Like radar, antenna, capacitor, processor, a lot of hardware needs, these needs are real pull, but also pull the performance of related businesses. Apple has recently adjusted the original plan, no longer try to build their own vehicles, but instead for unmanned vehicles R \u0026 D software. In addition, Tesla is a global pioneer in new technologies such as electric vehicles, unmanned vehicles, shared vehicles, sustainable energy production, etc. Tesla Model 3 is officially delivered, and is expected to sound a large-scale promotion of unmanned preludes. The future of practical unmanned technology is expected to be more user experience, the entire smart driving industry is expected to accelerate.

The current industry trend is very good, has done some small-scale layout, but the industry has not yet reached the outbreak. In its view, with the recent rise in market risk appetite, such the main investment 'heat' will continue. In the long run, from the perspective Throttle Position Sensor of macroeconomics, the smart car industry is very large, able to create new demands, create social wealth, stimulate China's economic growth, so the policy will actively support the next will continue to track.