Two features released today! We think you're going to like these :)

Pin Posts & Discussions to Top of Your Group

The ability to make a particular blog post or discussion "sticky" is a useful feature for:

  • Popular discussions that would otherwise get buried under newer discussions
  • Blog posts (or dicussions) that state group rules and guidelines
  • Blog posts (or dicussions) that contain FAQs (handy for bigger groups)

Here's how you do it

The link to Pin a post is found right on the Blog Post or Discussion. You will see it in the left column just above the Edit link. Here's a screenshot:

If you no longer want this post Pinned, click the link again and it will be unpinned. When a post is pinned the link will change to look like this:

You can tell that a post or discussion is pinned on the Group page because a little pin icon will show on the right. It looks like this:

Important Note: Only the owner of the Group can pin Blog Posts and Discussions. Let us know what you think!

Easily Find Your Groups

You can now easily find your Groups (both ones you've joined and ones you've created) right on the My Boomeon page. The link looks like this:


When you click the button, you will see a dropdown menu of all Groups you've either created or joined. 

A list of your Groups is also available on your Profile.