Into the new Rena car, 8-inch large screen exceptionally eye-catching. But more fascinating or similar to the same level of intelligent network system Blue Life. This system can start the voice assistant service by means of a keyword wakeup. Users just say 'Beijing Hyundai, hello', network of voice system assistant immediately on standby. For driving the user, this is more Sensor convenient than the key, touch, etc. and more secure. Moreover, the new Rena fit the daily language expression habits, support Henan, Hunan, Shaanxi, Northeast, Sichuan dialect, Cantonese 6 kinds of dialects, can be said to be 'the most understanding, the most intimate, the most interesting' voice assistant.

   The new Rena this network system also integrates a smooth chat, Chang enjoy, play, buy, smooth, listen to the six major functions, whether it is traffic navigation, online music, interactive social, or mobile payment, intelligent applications, Remote service, for the promotion of fashion car car experience the quality of life, have a high value. Driving on a daily basis, we all want to know the road ahead in order to plan the route. But the car navigation often have the old map, the road is not real time, the inconvenience of input Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and so difficult to use the situation. If you use mobile phone navigation, not only the screen is small, but also and telephone, information for the interface, it is not convenient. These are no longer a problem for the new Rena. New Rena can achieve real-time online voice navigation, support voice search location, voice prompt navigation information, provide real-time traffic monitoring and intelligent route planning, but also with mobile phone high German navigation data interoperability, absolutely make you feel as a 'move Not hands 'of the gentleman.

   Internet era, 'Alliance' is the core. With friends, and social union, with interesting things. For many young users, now the vehicle has not only a means of transport, and online functional requirements of the Internet has become prominent. This is also the same as the new heart of the Internet Renina has been in front of the. If you want to network entertainment, the new Rena Blue Life intelligent network system has been preset cool music and other online music programs, the use of real-time online advantage, to provide users with high-quality rich online music, Internet radio, but also support personalized Subscription, highly consistent with the era of intelligent Internet users habits. No longer for the FM radio, Bluetooth / USB / hard disk music playback and other monotonous channels and sigh. The new Rena network of intelligent system has a 'chat' function, based on the car scene for the user to create exclusive riders social. Through the 'chat', can be found through the license plate number and add nearby riders, groups, between the riders in the conversation, group chat, direct car to complete the communication, to solve the team communication barriers; car faithful Temperature Sensor in the chat, But also to share music, location information, and even grab red envelopes, content-rich live content, but also a key to send / listen to program comments, so that driving is no longer alone, and good friends together Hey up.

   Reduce the average fuel consumption is the main reason to reduce the use of cost. To this end, the new Rena equipped with a new Capa 1.4L engine and 5MT / 4AT gearbox composed of practical power combination to improve the combustion efficiency and reduce power transmission losses, while improving tire rolling resistance, equipped with ISG engine start and stop system, Manual transmission with a series of low friction design measures to reduce fuel consumption, to create a 5.0L at the same level of the lowest fuel consumption, so travel really burden. Car consumption, in addition to fuel consumption is fault repair. In order to improve the quality and durability of vehicles, Beijing Hyundai for the new Rena provides more than 5,000 quality inspection process of protection, coupled with Reina's million user reputation, completely trustworthy. In addition, the new Rena Throttle Position Sensor also fully consider the three or four lines of urban traffic, road conditions, through the ESC, HAC, side airbags, four-wheel disc brakes and other configuration upgrades greatly enhance the safety performance for users to escort in all directions, never let Safety performance to make a discount.