Baby Boomers,

Since I have always been the consummate romantic, I couldn't pass up a chance to touch on the the "lovers" holiday Valentine's Day.

Besides, today is Valentine's Day isn't it?

The perfect day for the perfect romance.....or is it?
I bet the majority of you think the same way I do.
The picture perfect Baby Boomer ideal of what a relationship is and how it "should be" celebrated during Valentine's Day.

  • A man and his woman
  • A husband and his wife
  • A boy friend and girlfriend
  • A dude and his old lady

Can you see past June and Ward Cleaver, Darrin and Samantha Stevens, Carol and Mike Brady, Raymond and Debra Barone or evenJoanie and Chachi?

There are definitely other types of relationships that need to be addressed on Valentine's Day.

Let me ask you.............Have you been watching television this last month or listening to the radio (or for us tech savvy baby boomers checking our Pinterest suggestions)?

Every other commercial (or Pin) is about Valentines day and how men can give their wives/girlfriends/significant others the "perfect" Valentine's gift. 

Kay Jewelers proclaims innocently: "Every kiss begins with Kay."

"Share the Love" with a heart shaped donut from Dunkin Donuts.

Proflowers suggests that you "Don't Spend Valentines Day in Line" waiting to buy flowers for your loved one.

The National Retail Foundation predicts that total spending for the holiday will reach over $20 billion, making it the second biggest shopping holiday after Christmas. 

It makes sense that companies would want to advertise during Valentine’s Day.

But are they truly capturing the hearts of everyone who wants a "perfect" Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day to them (and admit it, most of us) is a day for couples and couples mean a man and a woman who are in some sort of "loving" and monogamous relationship.

What about the rest of the world?

Let's get in touch with reality here folks!
There are tons of different relationships that need to be addressed on Valentine's Day.
What about "secret admirers?"

How do you tell your future sweetheart that you love them without coming off as creepy, disturbing or frightening?

How about a card that proclaims: "Stalker is such a harsh word, I prefer Valentine LOL?"

Or what if you just met someone that peaks your interest?

You've only been going out for a few weeks.

You are just getting to know each other.

Is it too soon to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Does Dunkin Donuts make a cream filled pastry that kinda looks like a heart but could just be a misshapen triangle?

You don't want to risk making the wrong move do you?

Then there are those who are in a relationship that hasn't really defined itself yet.

What do they do for Valentine's day?

Do you take the big step and make a declaration of your feelings or do you stay calm and buy your "sweetie" a nice matching hat and scarf set?
Being gay is beyond being socially acceptable so it's time to start seeing greeting cards, commercials and advertisements centered on that type of relationship whether it's male or female.
"How do you buy the perfect gift for your perfect man?" takes on a whole new perspective doesn't it?

I think we are still looking a bit into the future but is Hallmark working on catchy Valentines cards for bisexuals, transsexuals or cross dressers? 
And how about the "unfaithful?"  Do they have to buy two of everything?

How about a card that says "I was only thinking about you when I was boinking your best friend - Happy Valentine's Day?"

That might be just a little too edgy for my tastes.

Maybe you are feeling amorous for your boss, doctor, pool man or cellmate in prison.  How do you find the perfect gift or sentiment to let them know?
You have to believe there is a huge market for people who are single, have never been in a relationship and never want to be in a relationship?  Do you send yourself roses?  If so what color?

And what is the proper etiquette for sending yourself a card.

"There is no one else like my Valentine"

We better not forget "friends with benefits."

How do you properly celebrate Valentine's Day with absolutely no strings attached?

"It's not who you want to spend Valentine's Day with, it's who you want to spend the next day with.....Happy V-Day."
Pet Lovers...........that takes an interesting twist.

Think of the marketing opportunities there.

Why isn't there heart shaped doggie treats, catnip flavored bonbons or an edible arrangement for your horse?

"Who needs a Valentine when you have a pooch to smooch?"

I don't want to stretch things too far here but for those folks down in the deep South how do you celebrate Valentines day with your brother or sister?

Ouch, that is just wrong and I'm am soooo sorry I mentioned that.
Anyway, do you get where I am going here?

You better up your game retailers.

It's a new world we are living in.

There is a lot more opportunity out there to sell cards, jewelry, chocolates and roses than you might think.

Are you (or have you been) in any relationships that just don't meet the perfect Valentine's mold?

Let me know and we'll figure out together the perfect way for you to say "I love You" today no matter what the situation.