New Jordans 2016 has its basketball shoes is divided into "wind" "mine" two factions, to show the different styles of players. But with the flow of time, this concept has been rarely mentioned. However, since Jordan Brand will Blake Griffin and Chris Paul the two team players into the arm, we found that their shoes are gradually moving towards the trend of two-way. If the Griffin is like nine days Cang Lei, Huang dazzling; then Paul is like a forest of wind, swaying wishful. Since the beginning of the 07-08 season, Paul has its own signature shoes - Jordan CP3 series, its products have been the speed of the defender shoes classic. This year as Paul joined the league's tenth year, Jordan Brand to his birthday gift, is the new Jordan CP3.VIII. In fact, from the fourth generation of products to reduce the height of the upper start, CP3 series of the overall shape is not much change. All the wide flat soles, heel slightly narrow. Of course, this is the embodiment of the sense of the pursuit of speed of the back of the basketball shoes, and this difference is that, CP3.VIII forefoot lateral outsole further upward, in the forefoot formed a small surrounded. The advantage of doing so is to increase the touch area of ​​the outside as much as possible and increase the friction. In the process of sideways propulsion, such a structure is quite helpful.
Women Jordans 2017, CP3.VIII can be regarded as the whole series of the most simple one. Simply to see, can only find the upper with a piece of the structure, a unified tone is slightly boring. But carefully observed, or able to find the intention of the designer. Side of the mesh part of the taste of a little bit of EM material, close to see you can find fine holes, the inspiration is said to come from the sports car dashboard texture and wood decoration. And in the toe and shoe collar extension is the use of hot melt material package, to further enhance the strength of the material, but also brought a very good texture. And Super.Fly 3 the same, CP3.VIII abandoned the fly line technology to use Flight Web bonding system. The wider suspension belt reduces the pressure within the unit area, resulting in better wearing comfort. The CP3 series has always been thick tongue and the upper parcel system together for the overall uniformity of the dress provides a considerable help. It is worth noting that, CP3.VIII this time using a thicker cylindrical braided shoelaces, intended to improve the friction so that shoelaces is not easy to loose.
New Air Jordan Shoes, At first sight CP3.VIII, almost everyone will be its shoes side of the huge TPU support to attract. In basketball shoes, this semi-surrounded design should be the first case. Extending from the toe to the inside of the heel's support will certainly provide better support performance. But then we will face a dilemma: the support to the outside is enough, inward it? We can find, CP3.VIII inside the bottom of the upper is a simple in the end, both sides of the support force will not cause a certain degree of trouble in combat, we temporarily do not know. Looking through the entire shoe body, we did not find any identification of Podulon / Podulite. According to official information, Lunarlon foam replaced the previous "Podu" Department of materials, has become a new material in the end. Strictly speaking, the two can not be regarded as an open-minded cushioning concept. As we all know, Podulon (Podulite) technology is the most special point is that it is a local cushioning technology, the use of front and rear palm slightly raised to create a better site experience. If this technology is really canceled in the CP3 series, then it is a pity of a thing. But fortunately, we found in the toe Zoom Air logo, forefoot of the cushion or is guaranteed.