Nikolai Motor Company and Bosch to develop extended version of hydrogen fuel cell eight trucks, the prototype was released in December 2016. As of 2021, Nikola One's Nikola One and Nikola Two trucks Sensor to the market, the company's two trucks of the maximum power and peak torque of 1000 hp and 2000 lb-ft, the power output is almost the other Half of the semi-automatic trucks, two trucks are zero emissions vehicles.

  Nicholas and Bosch have developed a new commercial vehicle powertrain, re-conceived the product design. Bosch's bridge enabled Nicholas to bring its electric trucks to market more quickly. Bosch developed the bridge is a scalable modular platform, the motor, inverter and transmission components into a compact unit, direct drive axle, the device is suitable for small cars from the light truck Temperature Sensor of various types of vehicles. Nicholas and Bosch have applied their expertise to the world's first truly dual-motor commercial vehicle bridge to the truck. The bridge will use Bosch's commercial vehicle electrical machinery technology and SMG motor technology to enhance the point of mechanical performance.

   Bosch and Nikolai will jointly develop the entire powertrain system for its product line, which also involves the safety concept and the electrification architecture of the vehicle. The bridge will be equipped with a customized version of the fuel cell system, the system is also jointly developed by the two companies to improve the vehicle mileage. Vehicle control R \u0026 D is also based on Bosch's vehicle control hardware Pressure Sensor and software. Nicholas and Bosch developed a zero-emission powertrain to achieve the establishment of its powertrain in the market segment performance leadership and cost advantage.