New Jordans 2016, Hyperdunk from the first generation in 2008, the date of birth, the name firmly in control of the author every year, "the actual shoes will buy money," one of the top three list. From the earliest Lunarlite to the Zoom Air in the end and then to the Lunarlon, Hyperdunk series of each generation of products are almost standing in Nike's basketball shoe technology industry chain at the forefront. After a lapse of four years, Hyperdunk 2016 once again picked up the classic Zoom Air unit as the end cushioning. Leo Chang designed this seventh-generation Hyperdunk will have what kind of combat experience? Together with us to look at it. Long before that, Hyperdunk 2016 design inspiration from the Air Mag, rigid Hyperfuse upper, high upper, upper bonding fly line, these three elements constitute a solid triangle, the feet firmly locked in the Inside the shoe body. For the pursuit of protective friends, the shoelace into a maximum lace hole it, you will have a 100 percent sense of security; and like the flexibility of friends, appropriate to release a little lace will be a better choice .
New Air Jordan Shoes, Uppers with Hyperfuse material, but before and we are familiar with the touch seems to be different. The upper material on the latitude and longitude lines are more detailed, while the bottom fabric from the touch, the intensity is greater, which means that Hyperdunk 2016 than before the product has a more solid body. The flying line is a change before the "dynamic" design, was firmly fixed in the two upper material between. Maybe it will lose a little more flexibility, but it can be more firmly locked foot it. From the rear, Hyperdunk 2015's upper was a standard linear, far beyond our previous Hyperdunk series seen in the height. "Protective" appears to be one of the main points of this pair of shoes design. Internally we found a thick sponge filler, especially in the Hyperdunk 2012 appeared on the ring ankle bone gasket to return, the entire ankle to the leg part of the wearing experience quite the other we look forward to. Hyperdunk 2015 sense of the venue can be "practical" to describe the word. Although the end of which seems very thick, but from the foot feeling is not weaker than many defensive exclusive shoes. Because the former palm thinner relationship, so the feedback of its Zoom Air unit will be relatively stronger after the palm.
Jordans 2017, Zoom Air and Lunarlon is better, this is a long-lasting in the basketball enthusiasts the same topic. Technically speaking, both have a reason to be attracted to everyone. But after experiencing Hyperdunk 2012 to Hyperdunk 2014 three generations of products after the baptism, Zoom Air's return is still worthy of our rejoice in one thing. After all, is such a classic combination of science and technology is worth again and again to the aftertaste. Before the return of the inner ring of the inner area of ​​the ring is also a good news, as a pair of all-position basketball shoes, for the footsteps of complex players to retain a "support point" is naturally excellent. As before using Hyperdunk 2010, 2011, the Hyperdunk 2016's two Zoom Air units are placed between the outsole and the midsole. But strictly speaking, Phylon is a need time to "step on" in the end material, after a period of running, should have better performance.