New Jordans 2018, Kevin Durant signature shoes to the tenth generation, the history of the successful completion of double-digit personal signature shoes, one of the few stars, their performance and popularity need to continue to maintain a high point, it is not easy to one thing ; And Kevin Durant childhood immersed in the basketball world, the stadium headed by the general training, and now from the town of Maryland to Auckland, can be said for decades of dedication to pour into them. Kevin Durant wearing shoes is also the process of evolving, from the bitter KD1 to now Dacheng for the KD10, we can feel KD my shoes for the performance of the preferences already formed, the use of Flyknit and the whole palm Zoom Air is definitely the favorite of Kevin Durant at this stage, and Kevin Durant continues to wear KD10 after the most critical playoffs, winning the finals.
New Jordans 2016, KD 10 Anniversary uses a very special "pink blue" as a whole color, from the beginning of the network exposure of the spy war so that we mistakenly think it is white, but get the shoes will feel very different, in addition to the special blue tone of the color Outside the twilight Logo also saw the first time on the opaque pink blue full palm Zoom Air cushion are so that these pairs of shoes in the low-key settings revealed his limited edition identity; KD10 appearance can be seen to Left and right in the end of the link lace is a visual and functional on a major feature, in the past and Dynamic Flywire or Dynamic Fit lace structure of the design of the direct connection to the vamps directly to the new shoelace system, you can pay attention Is the lace structure in addition to the tether itself, and Flyknit braided upper groove with the first is to see, so that the shoelace in parallel to the fixed on the upper. Flyknit's plasticity allows the designer Zhang Chuanxi and his team to build a Flyknit construction that is more suitable for basketball, with a low ductility, toughness (similar to a seat belt) thread at the point of force, Forehead at the use of high ductility of the thread, the two mixed application can be described as technology can.
Cheap Jordans 2017 and Kevin Durant cooperation has entered the tenth anniversary, both sides of course, timely introduction of new boots cheer. The release of the new KD 10 is still continuing KD 9 low help set, full palm visible ZOOM cushion continues to be a bright spot, while talking about the larger area of ​​the Flyknit application. Special lace design and the combination of the latter part of the fabric, NIKE logo to ti flower fabric to create, the color is from Kevin Durant career team. The highly flexible tongue is also made up of Flyknit, it is worth mentioning that the Nike VaporMax tongue also uses the same process. The tongue sign has a small fillet detail, highlighting Kevin Durant at this stage more mature taste. The upper all to Flyknit composition, although there is no Kobe series of TPU blessing, but the shoe inside the last under the additional fabric to increase support. With Flyknit weaving vamps provide a sense of effect on the wrapping, the lace in the middle of the placement of the lace is more full of left and right to move when the stability effect. At the foot of the full length of the Nike Zoom Air cushion unit, the first use in the KD9, not only improve the durability of the shoe, but also provides excellent cushioning.