Traffic safety more and more attention by the community, and car manufacturers should be duty-bound in this area. Of course, many car manufacturers today also 'vehicle safety' as a top priority. Nissan Motor Company Performance Development Minister Takahashi Nobuhiko Sensor in the 11th China Road Traffic Safety Forum combined with the past decade China's traffic safety status, from the initiative and passive and the combination of the two on the Nissan car how to ensure the safety of the Chinese market Sex.
   The number of deaths from traffic accidents in China was 109,381 in 2002, and by 58022 by 2015, it was 46% lower. At the same time, China's safety regulations and evaluation content is almost the same with Europe, Japan at the same level. However, behind this series of achievements some new problems began to emerge. Takahashi Nobuya believes that the effect of previous methods to Suction Control Valve reduce the death has been the bottleneck, need to consider more advanced measures to less and more mortality. At present, car design and development staff more and more attention to the active safety of the car system. To achieve active safety, advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) is the foundation, but also the key. ADAS uses a variety of sensors installed in the car, including ultrasonic radar, millimeter-wave radar, camera, etc., in the first time to collect data, outside the car and the car environment, object identification and detection, so that drivers as soon as possible to detect potential Danger to take appropriate action to improve traffic safety. Among them, the camera in the visual ADAS application has a pivotal position.
   High-performance camera systems and high-speed processors enable precise identification of the surrounding environment and pedestrians. Drivers can see the surrounding environment is very important, mainly rely on visual perception to complete, especially the Chinese road is more complex, should give full play to the role of active safety technology. Nissan's program is a smart rearview mirror. The system is equipped with a wide-angle lens at the rear to help users in any case without dead angle to observe the situation. Nissan in the active safety on the use of another technology is BSW lane blind spot warning system. When the speed exceeds a certain range, the driver to switch to the lights and the two sides of the blind area when the vehicle approaching, the system immediately warning, to avoid the risk of change, clear the blind lane on both sides of the lane. In view of China's complex traffic problems, it is necessary to take the initiative safety and passive safety, and reduce Temperature Sensor the traffic accidents and improve the traffic congestion from the 'triple protection' of social security, personal safety and vehicle safety. In real life, active safety and passive safety are usually evaluated at different crash speeds, but they are in close cooperation when they are implemented on the actual road.

Last year in May Nissan Motor and Tsinghua University set up a research center. The two sides are studying China's future traffic system, road characteristics and urban construction direction, which will be suitable for the production Pressure Sensor of Chinese-made car to provide important significance.