Noise is as like pollution, so many building constructors consider the noise factor when they are going to construct a building. Noise can be controlled inside a building using best construction technology while constructing a building. Construction techniques are applying in doors, windows; floor and in construction material for better noise control in the buildings.

Noise increases the discomfort inside the building, if we don’t apply any technology while structuring a building which can work as a resistance against the noise. Noise intercepts us through the walls, windows,floors,building doors,and ceilings.

Noise Resistance Construction Techniques to control noise in a Building:

Here we define the construction elements and the constructing methods to control a noise in building:

Raising the Stud Spacing

It is found by a review that the dividing between the studs would build the sound transmission limit of the room. Say an expansion of 2 to 5 decibel STC is resolved for a stud dispersed 24 crawls than those divided at 16 inches.

Raise Airspace Walls Width

If we increase the airspace,automatically it increases the noise resistance property. But if constructor increases more airspace width then it’s unmanageable to design and it takes more space.

Use of Studs in a Staggered Manner

If we arrange studs in a staggered manner if studs are located alternatively helps in noise reduction, and reduces noise intensity.

Apply Cavity Partition for Noise Control

Noise transmission can be protested using airspace between the two partition walls. We can place the air space more than two layers also. This method is more effective comparing to single wall of same weight, and reports shows that it’s more economical.

Panels Used are Dissimilar

Different thickness size and construction materials for panels help in decrease of noise.


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