Rarely does a motto live up to its words. But ‘Splendour without Diminishment,’the motto of the beautiful district of Canada’s British Columbia is an absolute exception to the rule. You land there and all you see is gorgeousness. This is definitely one of the reasons why some of the events of the 2010 Winter Olympics were conducted here.

While the area is known for any number of outdoor events, including jogging, longboarding, horseriding and cycling, we are here for the adrenaline rush that is heli skiing.

Combine the thrill of a helicopter ride and the excitement of skiing and what you have is the fabulous sport of heli skiing. A helicopter drops you at the summit from where you go skiing. Ever since its introduction in 1965, this sport has only risen in popularity. And there’s hardly a venue better than the picture perfect Northern Heli Skiing in British Columbia. Everything you need for a spectacular run is right there:

·         5,500 kilometers for your heli skiing pleasure

·         A great pillow line- the rocks and boulders form a downy drop to enhance your experience.

·         Massive glaciers to add to the cool factor of heli skiing.

·         The ancient forest cover throws some predictable surprises and the snow is packed nice and deep. This creates added safety.

That’s not all. After a long day on the slopes, we were well looked after in the luxurious ski lodge we’d chosen to stay in. Not just delicious food and wine, we also had a soak in the hot tub and massages to get us ready for the next day’s fun.

What’s comforting with this group is the amount of precautions in place. The safety gear is top notch, the guides and pilots are certified and carry a genuine love for their craft. The guides love to show off their favorite haunts and you can be sure that they are great spots! From GPS and satellite phones to oxygen, rescue and survival equipment and first aid, you can be assured that everything is present.

Here’s some information you can use.

·         The venue is a short flight from Vancouver, about two hours.

·         You have different packages to choose from- private, elite and classic. The lodges differ for each package.

·         If you’re travelling with your family, work mates or friends, then you can opt for the Small Group Heli Skiing.

Unlimited Vertical Option

When you choose the Elite or Classic Ski Package, you also get to enjoy the awesome Unlimited Vertical option. This virtually(literally and figuratively) assures you of an elevated minimum vertical guarantee.Imagine raising the level from the normal 30,300 to 44,000 meters in a week- that’s the unlimited vertical option.

Yes, with Canada, weather can always play spoilsport, but in case you’re not able to ride or ski, then you get to use the balance on your next trip to this beautiful spot.

Cat Ski Backup

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can also use the Cat Ski Backup. This deep powder experience will help you move from heli skiing to cat skiing if the weather turns bad.


If you need an unforgettable heli skiing experience, look no further than Northern Escape.