Since my husband had a Stroke on Jan 3rd, I have graduated from being a wife to his Care Giver. I think I'm ready for this assignment however he is still in re-hab until the 17th. The stroke gave him some right side issues and is not as serious or shall I say as debilitating as it could have been but his vision on that side is a problem and his coordination in hand movement needs a lot of work. My husband is 85, 16.5 years older than me, he has been losing his short term memory for a few years. I have taken over all the responsibilities before the stroke, the change for me will be more monitoring and watching for his safety.

It would be nice if everyone in the group gave us a paragraph or two about the situation they are in. It would be nice to support each other in the good and bad experiences.

I was care giver to my mother for 6.5 years and that experience ended in March of 08.