China's auto market size in 2014 has reached 600 billion yuan in 2015 the market output value of 800 billion yuan, to 2018, this figure will exceed the trillion yuan mark. Thousands of cars after the market, attracting a high degree of attention Sensor to the industry. In recent years, optimistic about the prospects of this market investors and industry layout eager, with a lot of money, talent, technology, and a new business model into this thriving new industry.

   'Sharing the economy' in China is extremely hot, in addition to the most well-known sharing of bicycles, there have been shared mobile phones, shared charging treasure, sharing Mazar, etc., it seems that everything and 'share' This wave also spread to the automotive industry, 'shared car' quietly appear in people's lives, that share the car after the market is undoubtedly a big cake. Car beauty fuel metering valve site sharing project is for the technology, ideas, resources, but because of the expensive venue can not be achieved by the talent to provide space, directly to help them realize their dreams.

  At the beginning of the year, the car after the market there are five major channels: First, the brand beauty fast repair decoration chain; Second, the car 4S station; Third, the traditional large and medium-sized maintenance Factory; four car special service shop; five car repair roadside shop The five channels in the area size, equipment investment, personnel quality, convenience, quality of service, service time and fees and other aspects of the future, in different channels for the product's profit demand, product quality, service requirements and other production enterprises are different Requirements, therefore, the difficulty of management will increase, at any time facing the conflict, string goods chaos situation. China's auto market, the surface of different shapes, flourishing, very active, but the real good and bad, the formation of a handful of brands, the whole is Speed Sensor still in a state of chaos. It is to see the car after the market price of this confusion, the technical situation varies, Ma Shuai take the initiative, followed by the wave of shared economy, I hope the project can be technical, ideas, resources, but because of expensive site rent With unrealized people to provide space, directly to help them realize their dreams. Therefore, Ma Shuai would like to finance the financial sector to help finance 5 million yuan, the company can sell 20% of the shares, the funds are mainly used for site leasing and equipment to buy.
  In the understanding of Ma Shuai, the essence of sharing economy is in fact a word, weakening the 'ownership', emphasizing the 'right to use', whether it is resources or skills, for the owner because of privatization has not been fully utilized, after sharing There will be a wider use of space. Like a 'shared economy' in the well-known rhetoric: no one room can also open the hotel, not a car can also open a car company, no one can also open shopping malls. And Ma Shuai no car beauty, car repair technology, can still contribute to the development of the automotive market after the car, because he wants to share the car field, for the technology, ideas, there are resources, but because of the expensive venue can not be achieved Of the talent to provide space, resources, equipment sharing, so that they can achieve their own ideas. The project has great advantages in government support, innovation model, profit model, geographical location, special services and so on. As far as government support is concerned, the Chinese government has been providing strong support Throttle Position Sensor for the development of an active aftermarket. Strong car consumption also offers unlimited business opportunities for the aftermarket. From the innovative model, the project can be in and high-quality technical personnel, so that they do for their own dreams, will inspire people's enthusiasm, and enhance the degree of service. On the profit model, the project for the technical staff to provide space, equipment, from which a certain percentage of profits.

   From the geographical advantages of the point of view, the project is located in Shanxi Yuncheng, densely populated, according to statistics resident population of 5.3 million, traffic flow per hour to reach 4000, the market demand. In addition, the project provides consumers Pressure Switch with quality service, complimentary free car wash service, providing car beauty, maintenance, insurance, and all services after sale.