Nature has a bounty to offer, and if we look closely and rely more on nature then we’ll notice how every human problem has a solution in natural agent. Super-food as they call food items which are nutritionally rich, are considered to be the best gifts to man from nature. If we consider, Acai berry and Nutrition Drinks with Acai, for example, it is rich in minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins which ensure a healthy life. These natural berries have been part of primitive cultures as well, where the people living in the Amazon basin area, have used it in abundance for consumption. We can have Acai berry in its raw form, but the most interesting way to have it is like a drink.

Let us look at some of the nutritional values of acai berry and nutrition drinks with Acai like acai berry smoothie nutrition. First of all, as mentioned above, it is rich in anti oxidants. It also provides high amount of calories and fats. But, the most interesting theory pertaining to Acai berry smoothie nutrition is perhaps the content of polyphenolic anthocyanin which is considered to be an agent that helps in anti-aging and anti-cancer. Other vitamins and minerals are also present in nutrition drinks with Acai which help it to be called super-food.

There can be many drink preparations with Acai. Some of the popular choices include Acai Chocolate smoothie which also contains strawberry increasing its nutritional values. It also has traces of banana and spinach which makes it green in color and hence is called green smoothie. Acai smoothie with pomegranate works well too. The purple color of the smoothie makes it look delicious as well. Some other smoothie recipes with Acai include Apple-Acai smoothie, Acai mixed berry smoothie and cherry Acai smoothie. 

Nutrition drinks with Acai berry helps lead a healthy life for various reasons. It helps in lowering the cholesterol level in our heart with its anti-oxidants. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight and also helps in losing weight according to some findings. As mentioned earlier, it is an agent of anti-aging, hence helps in skin enhancement. It is seen that consumption of acai at a long run makes a person’s skin radiant and fresh. It is also considered very helpful in digestion. The immune system also profits from it, as it strengthens the immune system with Vitamin-C and ellagic acid. These are just a few things which nutrition drinks with Acai helps with and prove that we can certainly call acai a super food!