One of the best things about being a girl is the opportunity to wear Jewelry. The fact that these jewelries can be flaunted anytime in different forms, always entice women. Be it rings, necklaces, toes rings, hand harness, chokers, Mattha Patti, Earrings, waist belts, options are endless. Especially when it comes to antique jewelry, the urge gets more as it gets back the rich heritage of our mesmerizing culture, with that old-world charm.

 Her are few pieces of jewelry, that are inspired from the antique India collection for every women.

Waist Key Chain- Waist jewelry has been worn in India since ancient times in form of belts of precious metals, hook type kandoras, or key chains, key rings. It can be tucked in saree and is used by brides to keep the keys of the house with her.

Saree Brooches- Another must have for any Indian women who love to wear sarees. Saree Pins are used hold the saree pleats in place. So, it has been transformed to a jewelry piece to add beautiful finished touch to the look. 

Head piece- Beautiful Indian Bridal Headpieces also known as Maang Tikka or Matha Patti is one of the most attractive characteristic of Indian Bridal Look. It is normally worn on the middle parting of hair line in such a way that the pendant falls on the forehead. This elaborate head piece forms an integral part of married woman’s jewelry


These are few off beat-antique inspired jewelry pieces that every Indian woman must have. Apart from these PANDORA earrings and PANDORA bracelets are some of the brands to be chosen from Pandora. They have exclusive modern day inspired jewelry that can be worn on any occasion or on daily basis too.