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Table of ContentsHeres the table of contents for todays edition of Offseason Notes.

1. A sorted Headlines2. SCOUT Leaderboards: Australian Baseball League3. Kevin Millwoods Stunning PITCHf/x Chart

A sorted HeadlinesBaltimore Signs Betemit to Two-Year DealContrary to earlier reports of the one-year agreement, the Baltimore Orioles have actually signed the 30-year-old Wilson Betemit to some two-year deal, reports Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun, by having an choice for another year. Terms of the deal havent been disclosed. Betemit may be the third infield-type Baltimore has acquired this offseason along with Matt Antonelli and Ryan Flaherty although Betemits resume is certainly more substantial. Hes hit about 25% better than league average Kenny Clark Jersey during the last two seasons, a line that, albeit, has been buoyed up with a BABIP of ca. .375.

Seattle Signs MillwoodThe Seattle Mariners have signed right-hander Kevin Millwood, entering his age-37 season, to some minor-league contract with a spring-training invite, based on the A sociate Pre s. Millwood receives a $1 million salary if he makes Seattles 40-man roster and can earn yet another $750,000 in performance bonuses. Heres what he did last season in nine kinda-surprisingly-adequate late-season starts: 54.1 IP, 16.2% K, 3.6% BB, 42.2% GB, 92 xFIP-. PITCHf/x has Millwood throwing literally seven different pitches.

Brookover: Phillies Will Never Stink AgainTheres nothing wrong with Bob Brookovers reasoning in this piece from the Philadelphia Inquirer, by which he (i.e. Brookover) argues that, owing to their resources, there is reason to think that the Phillies [who had the second highest payroll in 2011] won't ever stink again. In any case, the Phillies havent made it particularly easy for themselves by Kevin King Jersey signing Ryan Howard five-year, $125 million extension in April of 2010 that just begins this season. (Link courtesy Mark Polishuk of MLB Trade Rumors.)

SCOUT Leaderboards: Australian Baseball LeagueBatting LeaderboardHere may be the SCOUT batting leaderboard for the Australian Baseball League (ABL). SCOUT represents an attempt to derive something meaningful from small samples and is the typical of a players standard deviations from the ABL mean in three important (and regre sed) stats: walk rate, strikeout rate, and home-run rate. Get more information at more about SCOUT. (Note: Org is last known team/league affiliations are.)

NumNameOrgPAxBB%xK%xHR%BBzKzHRzSCOUT1Brian BurgamyIND19817.1%10.1%5.1% HarmanFA1569.6%14.1%6.6%0.050.631.540.743Bo s MoanaroaBOS15614.1%13.5%3.2%1.220.73-0.010.654Kody HightowerGER14112.3%12.4%3.7%0.750.910.220.635Justin HuberIND18314.8%15.3%3.3%1.410.430.010.626Mitch Jacob Schum Jersey DeningBOS11414.5%13.6%2.7%1.340.71-0.270.597David SutherlandFA1849.3%8.7%3.3%-0.031.520.000.508Matt KennellyATL1839.8%9.8%3.3%0.111.340.010.489Tim KennellyFA1908.5%11.6%4.5%- WebbBAL12516.0%24.3%4.6%1.73-1.070.610.42

Notes Red Sox minor leaguer Mitch Dening, entering his age-23 season, makes his debut on the ABL SCOUT batting leaderboard now. Hasnt hit just like a J.C. Tretter Jersey corner enter in the minors, which is what his defensive upside appears to be, but Sox are also pretty aggre sive together with his promotions. Second baseman Brad Harman moves from ninth to second on the leaderboard after a stretch of 5 games that saw him hit four home runs, walk 4 times, and strike out only once. At 26, Harman doesnt have youth on his side, even though the power seems real: as a 22-year-old in the Philadelphia system, Harman hit 17 home runs in 494 plate appearances.

Pitching LeaderboardFor pitchers, SCOUT is the average of the players standard deviations from the AFL mean in (regre sed) strikeout and walk rate.

NumNameOrgGGSIPBFxK%xBB%KzBBzSCOUT1Yohei YanagawaNPB7735.215328.2%10.0%2.13-0.460.832Ryan SearleCHN5532.013124.9%8.0%1.460.090.783Todd Van SteenselPHI1121.28824.1%7.9% McguirePHI141056.025025.2%9.6%1.52-0.360.585Brian GreningIND2343.219122.6%7.8%0.980.140.566Cameron LambSF1528.212222.7%7.9% WilliamsFA1529.111322.3%7.7%0.940.170.558Benn GriceFA2128.111420.9%7.3%0.640.270.469Paul MildrenFRA111061.227218.8%6.2%0.210.570.3910Steve KentATL2030.113421. Jeff Janis Jersey 2%8.3%0.700.010.35

Notes Right-hander Ryan Searle, at whom we looked at briefly a week ago, moves from fifth to second on this weeks board around the strength of the seven-inning start that saw him strike out nine and walk just one (whilst allowing a homer). Hes a 23-year-old within the Cubs system.

Kevin Millwoods Stunning PITCHf/x ChartHere is Kevin Millwoods stunning PITCHf/x chart from 2011: