Owners have not had this feeling, is to find the car to buy for some time, oil table seems not allowed. Each time to prepare almost the scale line to add the oil, plus as much oil, but the location of the pointer is not the same rise. Watch the oil table Sensor will find a phenomenon, the oil table at about 1/2 of the time or down very slowly, feeling the car is still quite fuel-efficient. But soon after the first half, behind the pointer fierce down in the fall, this oil is burning their own distressed ah, oil expensive ah!

  Although this is very skeptical, do not understand how the matter. But think of not driving their own drive, many owners are not assured on the. Part of a person's inertia thinking, that is, do not understand things do not want to, and so there is a problem to say. Such as the use of a period of time and found that the oil table pointer is not just a drop rate of the problem, but why the tank filled, the pointer can not go to the top? Oil table in front of the slow, after the part of the fast out of the problem. Mainly related to the oil pump design Pressure Sensor used to reflect the amount of oil, it can not be very uniform to reflect the consumption of gasoline changes, after all, this absolute uniform change is difficult to achieve. The first half of the car oil table position, you can drive a 300 km, the latter part of the maximum run up to 100 km, which are normal phenomenon. Fill the oil, the pointer can not be to the top, you can determine the target is a problem with the display, the proposed repair shop for a little overhaul.

  If you find the oil gauge pointer down to zero position, it is likely that the oil level sensor is a problem. The location of the oil level sensor is soaked in the gasoline inside, as long as the gasoline quality is not good, too much impurities, oil level sensor is contaminated, and thus lead to the accuracy of the oil table pointer. There is a sudden drop in the oil table to zero, naturally there is a rise is the opposite. And is raised Speed Sensor to a position will not rise again, and remain intact state. To prove that the oil level sensor and the link between the float was stuck, the float can not be normal up and down the float, the sensor does not work, the pointer is also fixed in a certain position.

   Oil overestimate the situation, which is a normal phenomenon. The new car is in a run-in stage, as long as there is no mention of the above mentioned care of the oil table pointer, fill the oil is not the top. Or suddenly dropped Throttle Position Sensor to zero or suddenly rise in the fixed position in a situation, the vehicle is normal.