this is a pic of my yamaha .. its from about 1980 so its one of the oldest guitars i own .. ( i have a few that are older ) it originally had humbuckers which is what most guitars have ( unless its a fender then they'll have single coils .. a humbucker is pretty much a dual coil with one coil setup to knockout the hum of the first coil so when you look at it if you're used to seein fender strats it will look like two strat pickups together .. hence the term humbucker ..but its only one pickup .. not two.. no problem with it if you wanna swap them humbuckers out for soapbars or p90's except they're different sizes .. which can create a problem if you want a neat look .. so i made some soapbar rings in a hurry and slapped em on there to hide the spaces underneath .. came out ok .. there's actually a guy on ebay who thinks he patented that idea and tries to threaten anybody who does this as if he owns the idea .. only i did it long before i ever heard of him .. maybe i should sue him .. ehh too much trouble .. anyway lemme see if i can figure out how to insert a pic here .. keep your fingers crossed ..