OMRON Automotive Electronics has developed a sensor that can measure the pulse Sensor in the vehicle environment. It is intended for monitoring purposes of the driver's health status.

The pulse sensor is characterized by a non-contact measurement: the radio waves are transmitted to the driver's body surface, and the displacement of the body surface is about 100 m or less when the blood vessel pulsates is detected by the echo of the receiving body surface. Using the autonomous algorithm to extract this signal fuel metering valve as a pulse signal, the output pulse value.

In recent years, car accidents caused by fatigue and driver attacks have been increasing. In order to prevent accidents, to monitor the driver in the driving process of the health state, early detection of abnormal demand in the expansion. No need to wear in the body of the non-contact Temperature Sensor pulse sensor, can not cause the driver disgusted and does not affect the driving operation under the premise of real-time control of health.

  The sensor can also be used with OMRON Group subsidiaries in the past, 'the latest AI technology to determine the driver status of the vehicle sensor' and 'only in the wrist at the continuous measurement of blood pressure per stroke of the wearable sensor' and so on. It is possible to detect an abnormality more accurately by monitoring the driver's health state from both the Throttle Position Sensor appearance state of the driver and the internal characteristics of the body.