Omron Automotive Electronics will be infrared laser radar and monocular camera integrated front Sensor of the vehicle monitoring sensor. The goal is to begin mass production in 2018.

  Equipped with automatic braking function of the car is rapidly becoming popular, most vehicles are equipped with a sensor to detect obstacles. Omron said the company developed this sensor is designed for light cars Suction Control Valve and other popular price of the car. High-end cars can use high-performance products such as millimeter-wave radar and stereo cameras, while monitoring sensors for light vehicles require low cost and miniaturization.

  This development will be infrared laser radar and monocular camera integrated in a 100 × 100mm package. By using two kinds of sensors, high recognition accuracy can be achieved in all cases.

   Infrared laser radar in the monocular camera is not good at night, backlight and other conditions can also identify the object. Developers can detect cars that are 30m away. The detection accuracy of the distance Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is improved by using the multiple divided light receiving elements that divide the reflected light of the laser light in the lateral direction and the longitudinal direction. According to Omron, the number of parts is reduced by newly developing a signal processing ASIC for multiple segmented light-receiving elements, creating a small and affordable sensor.

   Monocular cameras can identify signs on the road, traffic signs, pedestrians, cars and bicycles. Detection distance ABS Sensor of 80m. Built-in CMOS image sensor is about 1 million pixels. Camera is Hyundai Mobis (Hyundai Mobis) products, made by Omron integrated module.