To promote energy-efficient innovation of ON Semiconductor, AR0135 global shutter CMOS image sensor, display its image sensing technology is another major advance. The 1/3-inch format, 1.2-megapixel imaging device is designed Sensor to address challenging automotive images and high-speed bar code scanning, as well as emerging applications such as virtual reality and 3D depth sensing requirements. This new global shutter sensor enables the camera to 'freeze' the fast moving scene data and ensure that it is effectively synchronized with the pulsed light source.
    The AR0135 sensor combines a new, innovative global shutter pixel design with 10 times lower dark current and 4 times faster shutter performance than previous generation products. These improvements allow the sensor to produce clear, low-noise images in both shimmer and bright scenes and in high-temperature environments. This performance provides Pressure Sensor the required eye tracking and gesture detection for next-generation car cabins systems and improves the detection speed of bar code scanning systems.
   The 1280 x 960 resolution device provides full resolution of 54 frames per second (fps) and 720p for 60 fps. The AR0135 includes a wide range of features to improve overall system control, including dedicated FLASH and trigger pins Speed Sensor to simplify the control of external LED light sources, and more easily synchronize multiple sensors for stereo cameras. The on-chip temperature sensor and the statistical engine further enhance the diagnostic and control capabilities of the camera system. The AR0135 also provides the flexibility of parallel and serial (via a 4-channel HiSPi interface) output.
   Ross Jatou, vice president of ON Semiconductor's Automotive and Scanning Imaging division, said the global shutter technology is critical to challenging applications such as car driver monitoring and high-speed bar code scanning. These markets clearly need Throttle Position Sensor to combine high-performance global shutter pixels and imaging solutions that can work reliably in harsh environments. AR0135 gives us the ability to meet these needs. The advanced global shutter pixel technology provides new performance levels for next-generation camera designs.