I like all seniors depend on my Social Security income. I however look at it as much more than just me. The welfare of this countries economy is greatly dependent on our seniors receiving their checks. The little money we get is not saved. It is immediately spent on needs boosting economic growth. I can think of no place our government can spend money with a greater return to the wellbeing of this nation. Social Security is not part of the budget and has no effect on what they spend to run it. To take from it for something else is theft and breach of contract. It can be repaired by asking those who have taken most from our economy and doing the most damage to pay a fair share by removing the Social Security tax cap. No one thing can do so much to help our ill economy than expanding Social Security and making us stronger rather than weakening and harming not only our seniors but the economy itself.

Now come representatives who feel they should take what we as workers have paid for to help those who need it least. It is like buying a new car to have a government agency remove the tires to pay their friends bills who own a jet. They tend to think only they can fix what they have only been able to mismanage and harm. Remember it was we the people that founded this nation and now as a few buy our government it is falling apart.