Before you put a stamp on it, you need to know who will be receiving your mail. Do you want to send mail to every single home in an area or do you want to send to people who are in a specific category? If you want to mail to every single home in an area and saturate a particular region, your mailer letter or postcard should be as a general announcement of your business, and/or what you are seeking, such as listings or services If you want to get more specific and spend your marketing dollars on prospects who are very likely looking for what you are offering, then a Target Direct Mail Campaign is your agenda.

You can improve your response and conversion rates by marketing to the right people.  There are many lists that you can obtain that are specific in their subject and focus.  These are just a few to use as a starting point.

Absentee Owners - These are owners whose mailing address is different from the property address. Typically, this indicates a rental property.  Many land lords find themselves motivated to sell because land lording is not easy. Absentee owners may be property owners who have moved from their primary residence and did not sell their previous home, or perhaps, inherited a property from a relative.

Inherited – These are people who inherited a property.

Eviction Records – Evictions can be extremely difficult to deal with emotionally and during the stress of an eviction, many property owners conclude they no longer want to own the property and would gladly sell.

Probate – When someone passes away, dependent upon the way their estate was set up, their home goes into probate. Often, the family will need to empty the home, clean up the property, do repairs, and sell the property. For so many, it is an overwhelming task. This makes probate lists very open to a direct mail campaign. But remember that you are dealing with people in an emotional time, so be cautious and understanding in your marketing tactic.

Pre-Foreclosures – When someone stops making their mortgage payment, the bank will begin the process of foreclosure. During this time, it’s possible to reach out to the homeowner and offer to help stop the foreclosure and save their credit.

Expired Listings – When people try to sell their home through a real estate agent but are unable, the property becomes an expired listing.  Although they may have had trouble selling because the price was too high, there may also be other issues with the property that made it difficult to sell. This is when an investor can come and help saving the day by purchasing the home from the motivated seller.

Tax Delinquent – Not paying taxes on the property is a good indication there are problems and there may be high motivation to sell.

Divorce – I don’t need to expand too deeply on this, but when people go through a divorce: they often are very motivated to sell quickly. Direct mail is about finding and developing the perfect list for each of your campaigns. This is just an offering of possible lists. I will cover where to find these lists in the next posting!


At, we can provide highly-targeted mailing lists for your direct mail campaign. We base the lists we aggregate for you on your desired zip code or general area and the types of prospects you’d like to target for mailing. Let’s get started on developing your next Campaign!